Recently, I attended a wedding for someone close to me, and it was much different than what I was expecting.

Being the younger sibling of someone very popular in high school and college, I have been to numerous weddings. Usually, they're pretty boring, but at least the food is good, the cake is fancy, and the dancing is awkward, but it is all-in-all a decent experience.

I've been to weddings that are on a low budget but also been dazzled by some that cost in the hundreds of thousands. I knew this most recent one would not be over the top, but I was expecting it to still be decent, because weddings are always for the guests, not for the bride and groom to have the time of their lives- they are actually the entertainers. However, that was not how this wedding went.

The ceremony started off with the lovely couple washing each other's feet- hidden from guests because they were sitting behind the preacher and wedding party. I was invited to share this special moment, but could only hear the tears of the bride as she cried the whole time.

The rest of the ceremony was bland but pretty. It was set in the rolling, East Tennessee Mountains with fall leaves scattered around and the sun peaking through clouds. It was after the ceremony that the flaws of planning began to show.

The venue had a room for the reception, but it was not big enough for half the guests, so we stood there for twenty minutes waiting for the ceremony room to be converted to a reception room- the whole time, music like the Wobble, Cha Cha Slide, and Macarena were playing. The wedding party had been introduced and were eating (hidden from guests' views behind a partition) before I was even seated.

After being seated I had to immediately stand back up and wait in line for my flavorless food. The Alfredo sauce was all milk. Before I was even seated, the cake was already being cut. Because of the partition, all the guests had to go huddle around the wedding party's tables to see the stuffing of the groom's face.

I was excited though. The cake was a beautiful red velvet cake. It looked divine, but sadly I will never know how it tastes because that cake was only for the wedding party. They served the guests Kroger sheet cake; in the tiniest slices I have ever seen.

The best part of the wedding is that it was over in two and a half hours.

So, now, to my question- What is the point of weddings? Have you ever heard of a bride and groom enjoying their wedding? I haven't. The point of a wedding is for the bride and groom to share their "happiest day ever" with the guests and make sure the guests have an enjoyable time, right? Or is it for the bride and groom to enjoy everything and the guests treated like they aren't part of the festivities?

I've always been told the bride and groom are supposed to walk around and talk to the guests so they can congratulate them. Weddings are not for the bride and groom to have a good time.

This is the first wedding I've attended where that is not true, so I'm wondering what the actual point of weddings is.

I hope every other wedding I go to is for the guests. Otherwise, I won't be attending and buying an expensive present if I'm not going to have a good time.