Websites From My Childhood That Are Still Around
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Websites From My Childhood That Are Still Around

For when you really want to play neopets or other nostalgic games.

Websites From My Childhood That Are Still Around
Like For Real Dough

Growing up in the early ages of the internet I spent a good amount of time on some websites that if I had first encountered them as an adult I would view them as silly. I can't get to that viewpoint because I still love them so much. I have no clue why I enjoyed playing games on the barbie website when I hated barbies as a kid. I do know that it probably kept me out of my parent's hair for a few hours. While working late at night and procrastinating, I descovered some of these same websites from my childhood are still working.


Neopets is still around and it's exactly the same. By exactly, I mean exactly. It's like they haven't updated the site since 2008. But hey, it still works! You can join, get a pet and go play games that run on flash player and somehow never have as much gold as the other players. Still upset I lost my account where I had a cool paint-brushed Lupe. Poor baby, lost forever.

2. Webkinz

Now this site looks a little more modern then Neopets, but you do have to do a bit of downloading to play it.The Webkinz craze of my middle school years has definitely died a long time ago but the internet chose to ignore that. You can still make your webkinz a little home and play the one fashion game I played.

3. Barbie

Barbie is still pretty popular, but once thing is if you can navigate the website you can get back to the good, old games. Let's Babysit Krissy? Yeah, that was my favorite, I have no clue why. I have never liked kids, I have never liked Barbie and yet I played it over and over again. (Most of the other doll sites are still around as well such as Polly Pocket and Myscene.)

4.Hot Shot Business

This game used to be on Disney's website, I don't think it is anymore, but a quick google search of the game will take you to a working version of the game. I never won. I never beat the other people, who are they anyways? I also randomly liked to pick either the pet store, the arcade or the lawn care business.

5. Disney

Speaking of Disney, you can also use your internet skills to dig through their archives to find the games from your childhood. You are going to have to dig through some stuff but eventually you will find such gems as Beuno Rufus, where you get to make nachos and break health codes with Rufus from Kim Possible, and 626 Sandwich Maker, which I also played fanatically as a tween.

6.Space Jam

Last but not least, Space Jam had a website made in 1996 that is still exactly the same. Now there aren't really games, but it is kind of fun to poke around and see how far websites and the internet have come. Also, Space Jam is just the best.

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