12 Websites That Are THE BEST For Christmas Shopping This Year
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12 Websites That Are THE BEST For Christmas Shopping This Year

It's never too early to start thinking about pressies.

12 Websites That Are THE BEST For Christmas Shopping This Year

The time of year has come: shopping season. In some people's eyes, this may be a really fun time because shopping is their favorite thing ever. For others (including me), it is a super stressful time where you're trying to find money you don't have as well as the perfect gifts for the people you love most in your life.

We all know Cyber Monday has become probably a bigger deal than Black Friday, so take to the Internet to have a way more convenient and easier shopping time this year. To make things a bit easier, I've compiled my favorite websites where I usually look for gifts while also incorporating shops that carry specific kinds of presents to make things a little more personal. The fact that you're looking at this list means you're already ahead of the game, so relax and start getting acquainted with online browsing (stress-free for now at least).


So this may have been the best website created EVER. Before you actually start buying all your gifts from different websites, create an account on Ebates so you can get cash back for all your mega spending. Each website has a different percentage for cash back (for example, Amazon earns up to 5.0% cash back), and this adds up for the check you receive at the end of each month. Even in-store shopping can earn you some cash for select stores, so sign-up before you read on!


Of course I had to include probably the BIGGEST shopping website on the internet in this list. Amazon has literally everything and anything you're searching for for lower prices, and you get free 2-day shipping if you're a Prime member. (Psst... college students who sign-up with their student email become a Prime member automatically with a free 6-month trial). How can you go wrong with that?


Isn't this such a cute tumbler? Redbubble has tons of stuff with cool designs like this that range from posters and device cases to clothing and home decor. Best known for their amazing range of stickers that people usually stick to their laptops, Redbubble is a place where artists come share their designs for people who would love to have them in their life. Here, you can find the most personalized gifts in unique form for your loved ones.


Etsy is probably one of the top websites to get gifts you simply can't find anywhere else. Type in anything in the search bar that your friends love (for example, coffee mugs or The Office) and I guarantee you you will find something that you've never seen before. With sellers that ship worldwide with affordable prices, you cannot go wrong with browsing through Etsy for hours on end.

Urban Outfitters

It's no surprise that Urban Outfitters is known for having a more expensive brand for simple clothes, but it also has a great Gifts section in their online store. From the best tech accessories to stocking stuffers you never knew existed, UO may be worth your money this time of year.

World Market

This hidden gem of a store is filled with so many different kinds of home decor you're bound to find something for everyone you're trying to buy a gift for. They even have an exclusive section completely dedicated to treats and drinks that are sold in different countries all around the world. This makes what could've been a normal gift go next-level status by being an international one, or even mean something sentimental to someone you know who grew up with the goods. Home is where the heart is, so be sure to check this one out.


This online shop is most well-known for their extensive selection of phone cases, but it has turned into a similar store of Redbubble. From the trendiest patterns featured on wallpaper, travel mugs, and even furniture, this shop is a must-see for anyone looking for a gift for someone to spice up their style in the new year.


I want to just put it out there that I did not put this store on my list because they have the same name and spelling as mine (but that may be part of it). In all seriousness, Francesca's has one of the most impressive gift sections in any store out there. If you're looking for a friend who's a bride-to-be, or even a friend who likes alcohol way too much, this store will have a unique present just for them. If you're not going to check out any other store on this list, take the time to at least look into this one.

Rifle Paper Co.

If you're like me (or someone you are buying gifts for is) and are completely enthralled with stationary, look no further than Rifle Paper Co. for a great new obsession. With themes like floral prints and cities around the world, these illustrations are a perfect accessory for daily life in countless forms. Whether it just be a planner for the new year or pretty wrapping paper to wrap all your gifts in, be sure to definitely check out their designs.

 Sur La Table

You can never go wrong with kitchen wear as presents for your cooking-lover Grandma or BFF. Sur La Table has all the coolest necessities and knick-knacks for any kind of home, and they have such a variety of things that makes each gift stand out in a personal kind of way. If you are looking for a heartwarming gift for this holiday season, you can never go wrong with getting something for the room where it all happens this time of year.


In a digital age where pictures aren't printed physically anymore, it can get a bit saddening to not have those cute photo albums just laying around the house. Bring the trend back by making a photo album for your friends or parents online and having it shipped to your house- it's actually a cheaper and more aesthetically pleasing option than just going to your local CVS or Walgreens. Get creative this Christmas and make something that will last for years to come that your loved ones will, well, love!

The Odyssey Store

Odyssey Store


Since you've clicked on this article, I might as well insert a shameless plug for the site! The Odyssey Store is not only exclusive to creators, but has super cute apparel for any kind of creator or social media lover for great prices. With neutral colors that can match anything during any time of year, why not check out cute apparel?

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