Sometimes you meet someone and you can just tell.

You're not exactly sure what you can tell,

at the time,

but you know there's something.

You know there's something different about

this person.

You know this person is going to mean something to you.


They show up like a rainstorm.

Coming into your life unexpectedly,

and the effects may vary.

They could be like a rainstorm in a desert,

or one in a flood zone.

Maybe they'll save you.

Provide you with the water you need

before you parish from the heat, the thirst, and the blazing sun.

Or maybe they'll hurt you.

Show up where the rain never stops,

and keep it coming.

Break down houses,

cause rising waters,

and you'll drown.

Regardless, they're a rainstorm,

and you can tell from that first glance.

Call it love at first sight, a click, fate, maybe even an accident.

Or call it a weather warning.

Take as much caution as you feel needed.

Every corner of this Earth, has rain

every once in a while.