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7 Reasons I Wear Whatever I Want To Class, Bite Me

If I want to wear leggings and a sweatshirt, leave me alone because it's none of your business, honey.

7 Reasons I Wear Whatever I Want To Class, Bite Me
Gabriella Barcinas

It is once again the beginning of another year of college for many of us and with that comes classes, which involves clothes. Yes, clothes.

For some reason, many people are fixated on what they wear to class, as well as what others are wearing to class.

I have seen many recent things online about people strongly stating that you must look nice for class. Along with that, they say that if you don't dress up that you are a lazy human being.

As if!

Here are 7 reasons why I wear whatever I want in my classes.

1. It's my choice 

Sweatpants Gif

You don't need to look nice just because someone else says you should- it's your damn choice. You don't need to try and please society. If you want to dress "cute," you are more than welcome to!

I personally have days where I want to dress up and somewhere leggings and a sweatshirt are all I want to wear, so I don't judge people for doing either of them.

The fact that people even think your lazy if your makeup and hair isn't done, just shows how our society today is heavily based upon looks. This also says something about their values.

2. You never know what someone is going through


Someone may throw on a t-shirt and comfy shorts because it is the only thing they had the motivation to do for so many reasons!

They may have just went through a tough break up the night before and they could care less what they look like. Or they could be battling depression. They could even just be hung over or tired.

So stop judging people for what they wear to class because you never know what they are dealing with outside of the classroom.

 3. Time


There is just never enough time in the day.

Sometimes when you have an 8 a.m. and you are exhausted from studying from an exam the night before so you just don't have the time to look nice for class because you wanted to sleep in a little. Give a girl a break!

4. Are you paying their tuition?

Wink GIF

Nope, didn't think so.

People can wear whatever they want to class. People pay a lot of money to go to college and unless you are the one paying for their classes, you don't get a say.

5. Comfort over looking cute 

Sweating GIF

No one should have to dress "cute" in class if they are going to feel uncomfortable all day.

In college, there's a lot of walking involved and if you don't feel like walking up hills in the heat in a skirt, then don't!

Chances are that your hair will get frizzy anyways after the humidity gets to it and if it's hot, then your makeup will melt off.

If you're going to be walking and sitting in classrooms all day, then it is important that you feel comfortable, even if that means sacrificing "looking cute" for the day.

6. Gym class or just the gym in general 


Some people may have a gym class before or after the class that you have with them. So, if you see them strutting in with gym shorts and a t-shirt, give them a break.

They are being healthy and sometimes with a busy schedule, therefore going to class in your gym clothes is just the easiest thing.

7. It’s none of your business.

None of your business

What people choose to wear to class is none of your business. You do you and let us be us.

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