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I May Not Have Come From A Wealthy Family But I Will Never Judge Someone That Did

How will calling someone a "spoiled brat" make my life any better?

I May Not Have Come From A Wealthy Family But I Will Never Judge Someone That Did

Every person lives a different lifestyle. There are people who will have to work their entire lives in order to not struggle and there are people who will never have to work a day in their life. You know what? Both types of people are fine.

It seems like those who grow up in a wealthy family are always being bashed on for being wealthy. People like to assume that since these families have all this money, that these families experience no struggles or problems. Sure, none of these struggles will be financially, but everyone struggles in a different way.

The same can be said about those who grow up having to work for their money. It seems like these people are always bashed on because all they do is work. People like to assume that since these people/families don't have a ton of money, that all they have is financial problems, which isn't exactly true either. A lot of families/people are content with their lives and don't need money to make them content.

There are people who get a brand-new car on their 16th birthday. There are people, like me, who didn't get a car until they were 20 and it was not brand new. My car, for example, was 21 years old; came out in 1996, and came with dents and scratches. However, it was a car and that is what my parents could provide for me, so I was content with it. Same with the people who received a new car right when they turned 16; that is what their parents could provide. Them, receiving a car does not mean they are "spoiled" or "ignorant". It means their parents had the money to buy them a car that the parents thought they deserved.

I don't understand why people have to bash each other based on their financial status. I am a full-time college student who pays her way through college with two jobs. While, I do know, and am acquainted with people who have their parents pay for their tuition, I do not bash them for it. They grew up in a great financial situation while I grew up in a less great financial situation and that is no one's fault.

Everyone wants to be in a great place financially, so it is possible that many people have a negative attitude towards those with money, because they are envious. However, stress the envy in a positive direction. I am not going to tell you to "work more" or "find a job that pays better" like some ridiculous people say; instead, I am going to tell you to be more accepting of people and learn to realize that the wealth of other people is not your business. Everyone has struggles, while not everyone will struggle financially, we are all people struggling in the same world. Money does not always buy happiness, and for the people who have said it does, they have not lived their whole life yet.

You don't know anyone's life except your own; if you have goals about where you want to be in ten years, strive towards them! The more time you spend on yourself, the less time you have to be negative towards others. Everyone lives a different life. No one knows every detail about one another. What matters is your life, so live it positively and without judgment.

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