When I chose to go to The University of Alabama, my parents knew it would be more than just me going to a school in Maryland, but Alabama not only was my dream school, but all the schools in Maryland were not right for me. Yes, there are scholarships, loans and grants, but do those help with travel costs? Do they help a white girl that gets support from both of her working-class parents? Do they help when the school increases tuition every single year? I choose Alabama and I love it every single day I am there, but I don't understand why I have to pay twice as more as an in-state student.

There is no reason for out-of-state tuition to be increased by 3% every single year

1. We already have to pay travel costs

In-state students don't have to pay hundreds of dollars in air fare or check baggage or gas to drive 18 hours back to school.

2. We are all getting the same education

It's not like we are paying more for more stuff. We all get an equal education, an equal living area so why not equal tuition?

3. Not good enough schools in our hometowns

They could either not have our major, they didn't accept us or they just aren't as good as going to school out-of-state.

4. We are boosting your ratings and numbers

We help give you good ratings just like any other student. We help boost the number of students you have. Because of us you host students from all over the country so why charge us more?

5. There is nothing different between in-state and out-of-state

We are all the same. We come for an education. The only difference is the miles between school and home.

It is known that out-of-state students may more in tuition than in-state students, but thats because its their state school. However, to always increase out-state tuition and not in-state is not fair. If you're going to raise one you have to raise both there is no need for that. If you need more money that bad you can increase both. We deserve equal tuition because we bring more culture to the school, good grades, higher ratings and numbers. Without out-state schools wouldn't stay afloat. Besides living somewhere else what difference is there between out-of-state students and in-state students. We are the same so we deserve the same tuition. Give us equal tuition!