This has been on my mind for a while now, especially since recruitment was last weekend and there is always tension when there is competition for new members. We want to be the cutest, the nicest, and the most welcoming. Don’t get me wrong, friendly competition is great, but what happens when it becomes too hurtful, to your chapter or another? Here’s a few tips to improve your attitude about Greek unity!

1. Go to their events.

Whether it’s for the entire event or just stopping by for a few minutes, every bit of support is appreciated. Believe me, they notice. If you’re Greek, you know darn well how hard they worked to put on that event. This should make it even more rewarding for you and for them that you were able to attend. Also, a bigger Greek turn out at events helps break the stereotype!

2. Support them on social media!

Like that fellow Greek’s selfie, take pictures with other org’s, and PR chairs, share their events!

3. Make friends with at least one person in another org.

Yes, I’m sure you’ve already met your person in the chapter and I’m sure she is great- just hear me out. There could be another girl out there that is ready to bond over the same things as you are too, she just so happens to wear different letters.

4. Hold more than just fraternity mixers.

Meeting cute single guys is fun. I know. We all know and we all are guilty of it. Try to reach out to other all women organizations to plan something though, even if it’s a study group or a game night. Sometimes you just need a girl’s night and a break from the boys.

5. Lastly, to the older members; don’t bash other orgs.

Especially in front of new members! They’re young, impressionable, and have respect for every sorority they got to meet during recruitment. Planting the seed of hate in their heads will just let Greek tensions continue to grow.

Friendly competition is good in small doses, but Greek Life needs to be united more than anything, to help the community and to help each other. Remember what the Lorax said, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, it’s not going to get better, it’s not.”