Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that this is an important election year. Come January, we will have a new president. But if the voter turnout is anything like past years, our new flood of representatives will only represent 60% registered voters. That's right, only SIXTY PERCENT of registered voters participate in presidential elections. And that's a lot compared to primary and local elections, when the voter turnout is only 40%.

Registered Voters vs. American Residents

You probably know that you need to register in order to vote. Not every American citizen is registered, meaning the president (and other elected officials) rarely represent even half of the United States population. So many people complain about the government, but the majority of people fail to do their part and vote.

Why does my single vote even matter?

Votes add up. It's plain and simple. When you vote, your friends are more likely to vote. Your family is more likely to vote. The more people that vote, the more the government will represent the people. The majority of America does not vote. If we got the biggest voter turnout in history, then the election could be one like we've never seen before and actually represent the people.

OK, you've convinced me. How do I register?

Glad you asked! Here is a link, it'll work no matter what state you live in. https://vote.usa.gov/

It's time to stop complaining about the government and take advantage of the democracy we live in. Let's take the country by storm and have the highest voter turnout in American history.

Election Day is November 8th!