I hate being a millennial in today's "hookup" society. We are under extreme pressure to have "relationship goals" and to show off our significant other, or shall I say "bae", on every social media platform just to prove our liking for each other. Social media has worked its way into every single one of our relationships that we are more worried about who favorited whose tweet and if he liked that girls selfie on Instagram. What happened to the old times? To me, chivalry should not be dead and should be very much a huge factor in every relationship in the 21st century.

Being a part of a hookup society as a 19-year old young adult who wants nothing to do with it is extremely disheartening. You can't have one conversation with who you think is a decent human being without being hit on or approached like you have the words "have sex with me" written on your forehead. I downloaded Tinder for a week out of curiosity to see what all the hype was about. Ten minutes in and four matches later, I had messages from potential bachelors that happened to swipe right for me. However, when I opened up each message I was in disbelief. They ranged from questions such as "Hey sexy, what were you looking for?" to more inappropriate things the internet would be better off without. What happened to treating each other with respect and dignity? Would you want your future daughter or son to talk to someone like that?

In the midst of pure sex appeal and the hottest hookup of the party, the simple foundation of a relationship has started to disappear. What happened to picking them up at 6 p.m. and having them home by 10 p.m.? Holding a door for someone? Yeah, that rarely happens. Having real conversations with people that actually involve getting to know that person seem like a thing of the past and that saddens my heart. No wonder the divorce rate is through the roof. As each younger generation has gotten older, the basics of a good fundamental relationship have changed drastically.

Companionship, dependability and good ole conversations are absent from most relationships with teens and young adults. Technology has brain washed and taken over the majority of everyone's lives...and sadly that affects most relationships. Rather than talking on the phone, most are freaking out if their loved one has left them on read. Instead of trying to genuinely connect with one other, we are blocked and distracted by the screen that runs our minds.

People need to stop worrying about whether or not your significant other liked your latest picture or what girl/guy they've been tweeting too much to. Instead, worry about their values and how they treat their parents as well as how they represent themselves in a public setting. Worry about their future goals and how motivated they are. Don't depend on looks to get you through that relationship. Cherish their character and who they are as an individual versus who they're made out to be. Happiness is key and if they don't bring that out in you, they are not worth it. Don't waste your time on someone you can't see a future with, even if it's only a month. Most importantly, if your mother doesn't like them, chances are they won't be around that much longer.

So here's to all the couples out there that aren't letting this technology-driven hookup culture affect their mindset and values. You give me hope in this generation and the future generations to come. You guys have it figured out.