Actually, We Need More Masculinity Right Now, Not Less
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Actually, We Need More Masculinity Right Now, Not Less

But toxic masculinity isn't masculinity at all.

Actually, We Need More Masculinity Right Now, Not Less

There are only two genders. Whether you’re trans or not, you identify with one of two genders: male or female. You either have a feminine energy or a masculine one, and they’re fundamental part of who we are. These identities are also the building blocks of society, and right now our society needs to have a come to Jesus meeting with itself.

I can blast the perverted delinquents who prey take it upon themselves to sexually assault people just as well as anyone else with a computer and access to the internet, but that won’t really help. Too often those pieces turn into a rant about how much all men suck, and we forget that men are victims too sometimes. We alienate good, decent men. They don’t want to hear a message where they are demonized as sexual predators.

Masculinity is not as rigid as y’all say it is. Masculinity has a broad meaning that encompasses many different beliefs of what it means to be a man and isn’t preying on women and children to satisfy perverted sexual urges to fulfill some power complex.

There are too many creepy men out there for women to single-handedly ward off. We need men--and guns but that is a topic for another day. We need masculine men; not these weird excuses of men who send pictures of their junk to any and every woman that isn’t his wife. I don’t associate masculinity with creepy “men.” I don’t associate men with rape and sexual assault.

We need more men who’d knock the lights out of any unsavory being that would lay an unkind hand on a woman or child. Not that I can’t do it myself, but it’s gonna hurt a lot worse if a man does it. No man with any sense of pride or decency would dare force a woman to engage in any sexual act against her will or consent. How pathetic do you have to be that the only way you get laid is to steal it?

We need brave men to speak up when other guys say derogatory things that further objectify women and guys who don't want women to objectify themselves for his pleasure. I know they're out there, they just need to speak up.

We need strong men who are gentle and kind who understand that women are queens and deserve to be treated as such. We need those men to put men like Harvey Weinstein in their place and help raise the next generation of men to do the same.

I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t want a coalition angry feminists dictating how we combat something as vile as sexual assault. Their idea of reducing sexual assault is for men to suck their balls into their bodies and serve women as pets, not equals.

Emasculating men and warping them into something they’re not isn’t going to help. We’re not going to mitigate sexual assault by disempowering men and forcing them to be something they were never meant to be — feminine.

If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t defined what it means to be masculine; only what it does not. There is not one catch-all definition of masculinity or femininity, but whatever we have going on right now doesn’t fit the bill for either.

We all have a role in stopping sexual assault. Women have an important role, but we won’t go very far if we don’t ally with our male counterparts. Men are friends and they should be treated as such.

It’s on all of us to clean up our act. Purging the world of men won’t fix anything because guess what? Women can be predators too. It’s a complicated topic that needs more national dialogue, but we’ll never have it as long as men are silenced. If men are silenced along with anyone who doesn’t 150% agree with the feminist agenda, then it’s not a dialogue, it’s a monologue.

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