Why We Love Fall
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Why We Love Fall

It's not just about pumpkin spice lattes and Ugg boots

Why We Love Fall
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Every year I see a growing trend of millennials’ obsession with autumn. I never understood why young adults (especially women, but many men as well) are loving fall more than any other season. Every season has it’s perks, but it wasn’t until recently that I joined the army basic teenagers and twentysomethings in celebration of what autumn has to offer. Hopefully, I can illustrate the love of autumn for those who have yet to join the cult of millennials sporting pumpkin spice lattes and combat boots.

Leaves changing colors

Take a walk through the woods and you’ll find the most perfect shades of green, orange, yellow, red, maroon, and in some cases, red-violet. These stunning autumnal trees make walkways, hillsides, hikes, and other scenery absolutely mesmerizing.

American Football Season

Games, tailgates, chips and dip, parties, and excitement over one of the greatest sports in history. Watching football is a beloved shared activity for many Americans, and families often make an event out of watching the big game.

Fall Fashion

Autumn is the time of year to break out the jeans, sweaters, leggings, warm socks, flannels, jackets, beanies, combat boots, ankle boots, heeled boots, knee high boots, Ugg boots, and most importantly, boots. These often come in dark or warm hues, and are always exciting to begin wearing again.

Fall Beauty

Hair gets darker, make up becomes bolder, warmer, and darker. The perfect fall hair and makeup combination can take an eternity to perfect in the morning, but the dark brown lipstick-cat eye-smoky eye combination is worth the extra half hour in front of the mirror.


Although I am not a fan of the basics’ worshipped god, the pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin spice flavoring everywhere you look is a huge part of the season’s appeal. Everywhere you look there is another store selling another pumpkin spice anything, just to keep up with the season’s business. Plus, pumpkin pie is one of the tastiest desserts invented. Just saying.

Perhaps what’s more important than the pumpkin spice flavoring is the reason behind it. Pumpkin picking and carving jack-o-lanterns is a fun filled activity to do with a friend group, with a boyfriend or girlfriend, or with the family. Every room is filled with pumpkin scented candles, a scent very few can say is less than phenomenal.


For those in relationships, autumn is the perfect time for cuddling and going on cliché dates such as apple picking, pumpkin picking, hay rides, and haunted houses. However, the best part may be using the weather as an excuse to wear your boyfriend’s sweatshirt.


If you are looking for a significant other, cuffing season is in full effect, so you have a larger variety of options who are willing to settle down. For those who are content with being on their own, you can do many fun-filled activities with friends or use the cold weather as an excuse if you’d rather stay in.


Dressing up in costumes, going to parties, eating candy, watching scary movies, going to haunted houses, and decorating are a few of the fun and exciting activities spooky season brings.


Swimsuit season isn’t for another 6 months at a minimum and our bodies are instinctively preparing for winter. Who cares if you eat that fourth slice of apple pie and wash it down with sugary apple cider? You’re simply preparing your body for winter. Plus, that sweater you’re wearing would hide your growing waistline, so dig in while the temperatures are still dropping.


We are beyond thankful for turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, and other delectable foods.

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