We Get It: Pop Stars Date

In old news, society has once again found out that pop stars are, in fact, actually involved in relationships. In recent news, it was confirmed that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, as well as Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama, have both called it quits with their relationships. I am, in fact, heartbroken for both couples that their relationships together had to both end. Not only were both these couples absolutely the cutest, but they sure made us all jealous. With all the news surrounding it all, I have a few things that have bothered me though.

Here comes new music.

I have heard this one too many times and I'm over it. You constantly have heard that a new Taylor Swift album is underway because of this break up. Have you heard the same about Demi's new album coming because of her break up? No. Or what about Calvin dropping a new single because of his break up? No. Who cares if she does write an album about her life, isn't that what all artists do? Can we just take a moment to respect their break up and wish them the best and not just talk about how new music is on the way because of it? It's not funny anymore to make that remark, just annoying.

The vastly different media coverage over both.

I decided to search both "Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris" as well as "Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama" to see how exactly the news was portraying both break ups. Demi and Wilmer brought up these articles.

As you can see, the articles all focus on the couple's break up. You see both their names in the title as well as a genuine feel of loss. I felt like the break up was mutual, which it was from their personal statements, and the articles portray that.

When I searched Taylor and Calvin though, the articles were a little different. Shocker, right?

All of the articles that come up are focused around how Calvin is doing after the break up. Okay, fine. I'm glad Calvin is doing well after the break up and it was a good decison for both of them, once again because of their personal statements on social media. Why is it though, that Taylor's name is left out, of course making her the bad guy? The headlines of these articles make it seem like she is honestly the worst person. I just think that a break up in the celeb realm is all dependent on who you are and I'm not about that.

If anything...

Can we just appreciate that both couples ended their relationships on loving notes by saying how much they will still care for each other? They are all living happier now even though the break ups did happen. Let us just take a final moment to appreciate how cute they were.

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