Some of you may or may not know that I fell in love with a firefighter back in January. I wrote about it earlier on in the year (Everyday Lessons of Being A Firefighter's Girl). As of now, we aren't together, but that's not what this is about. This is about the blue, the red, and the white. This is an open letter to all public service members.

Dear Police Officer, Firefighter, and EMT,

First of all, thank you. You answered the call and took an oath to protect and serve. You are some of the bravest people I know. Sadly, in recent years, that bravery has had to be increased. Sure everyone dreams of being someone's hero and saving lives or putting away a serious offender. But you didn't ask for this. You didn't ask to hold you spouse and kids a little bit longer before you left for your shift because you don't know if you'll make it home. You didn't ask to be scrutinized by every single person you pass. You didn't ask for cell phones and news crews to be filming your every move. Yes, there are some public service members that abuse their power and authority. There are always bad apples in every bunch. But you didn't ask to be lumped in there with them. You didn't ask for the very oath to the position you took to be made a mockery.

For all of this, I am deeply sorry. I apologize for the people looking to trap you into a monetary settlement. I am sorry that you can't do your job without being questioned by civilians that think they know better simply because they watched one to many television crime shows. I am sorry that people hate you and make false accusations. I am deeply sorry that someone, somewhere is plotting to hurt you or another member of the public service family.

Know that not all people are like that. Just like all cops, firefighters, and EMTs can't be lumped together, neither can all citizens. Know that there are people like me out there. People that love and care for all public safety members because we love one of you. Know that your "family" expands beyond that of blood and oath. Know that I am praying for your safety daily. It doesn't matter what department, in what city. If you pass me or I hear the wail of your sirens, know that I am praying. I am praying for the safety of the police officer in response to the call, as well as the victims. I am praying for the safety of the firefighters responding to the fully involved house fire and the family that got out just in time. I am praying for every EMT that has ever and will ever be racing the clock to save a life. I pray for the things you've seen that you just can't stomach to share with you significant other. I pray for the lives you saved and lost. I pray that you know you did all that you could humanly do. I pray for your safety and the safety of those around you. I pray that more citizens, like myself, will take a stand. I see you. I see you struggling to hold back tears. I see you wringing your hands, knowing you have to deliver bad news. I see you and the guilt you carry with you. I know things aren't forgotten.

I need you to know that you are not alone. There are other people like me. There are wives, husbands, children, moms and dads, friends, citizens that care about you and your safety. We see you. We see the situation at hand and we are ready to stand with you. You shouldn't be afraid to do your job or that some nutcase with a vendetta will take your life.

I back the blue. I back the red. I back the white. I back any and all public safety members. I've got your 6.