We as a country have come to this social stigma where we must accept every person entering this country, no matter what.Such a mentality has already caused chaos in countries like Europe and Canada, where announcing the phrase "Refugees Welcome" is somehow socially progressive when in fact it isn't really efficient.Countries like Sweden are currently dealing with what many are calling an immigrant crisis, where the massive influx of refugees is creating mass hysteria both economically and politically.Currently, there is a movement chanting "Refugees Welcome!".It gained steam after Trumps travel ban on seven countries deemed a national security risk to the United States.Many advocates of the refugees called this a Muslim ban when in fact the countries with the highest population of Muslims are not involved in the ban in any way.Despite what many may believe, the United States is still a nation of laws, and adhering to those laws is what keeps our country safe and working properly.We already have a rather controversial stance on the Mexico border with us.Now would not be the time to suggest everyone can come here.There would be absolutely no way to properly vet everyone who decides to come in.

A lot of people have become confused between an illegal immigrant and an immigrant. It appears for a select few that we are all immigrants, which is true to an extent, but we are all LEGAL immigrants. We filled out the necessary paper work to be a U.S citizen and we can proudly say we are a citizen of the United States. People who come here illegally, whether it be jumping the border or trying to simply have a child in the states and automatically become a citizen should not be praised and looked up to.These are people who are breaking the law intentionally.Yes, people will say that these undocumented immigrants are just trying to leave the war torn nations to start a new life, but allowing anybody into the country without proper vetting does bring with it security concerns. We all can't exist in equilibrium like the left wants us to believe. We have laws for a reason, and as such, everyone coming into this country should abide by them, just like we follow the laws of other countries when we travel internationally.