7 Ways To Workout Without Breaking Your Wallet iN 2019
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7 Ways To Workout Without Breaking Your Wallet In 2019

7 workout deals on boujee classes that will have you sweating like never before

7 Ways To Workout Without Breaking Your Wallet In 2019

For those of you who want to have a healthier new year but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars or have no motivation to workout on your own, here are seven classes to help push you without pushing your wallet. As we start getting into the heart of winter working out can seem like more of a chore than an outlet for stress or a form of relaxation.

These classes with deals for those on a low budget can help motivate and inspire you as you ease yourself into the new year.

1. Core Yoga Free Week Trial 

Core Power Yoga offers intense yoga classes taught by experienced professional instructors. They offer a variety of different classes smaller sized classes based on your yoga skills and ability. For people new to core yoga they offer a free seven-day free trial. This is a great place to start doing yoga for the first time, at a great price. Free!

2. 305 Fitness Community Classes

305 Fitness is super fun and energetic hip-hop based workout class. With great and talented instructors 305 is the perfect class for those who don't really like to workout. So dance like you are in the club while burning off all those calories from that treat yo self day you had three times last week.

While classes are usually $34 community classes are offered which are classes lead by newly trained instructors for only $15 a class. The classes include cardio, abs, and arms. So get ready to dance into that spring break bod.

3. Yoga To The People

Yoga To The People is a unique yoga studio focusing on making yoga available to everyone. They offer a variety of yoga classes including hot yoga, hot vinyasa and power vinyasa flow. These classes are taught by certified instructors and the best part is that they are free. Yoga mats cost $2 or you can bring your own.

While classes are free donations are highly encouraged since this is how they keep themselves afloat. While the classes tend to be larger therefore making it harder for those who are new to yoga the instructors are great and will help you if you ask. This is a great yoga class for a great price.

 4. Box and Flow 2 Classes For One Special 

If you are the type of person who wants the benefits of yoga but get bored easily this is the perfect medium of yoga for you. This class combines the intensity of boxing with the relaxation of yoga. The class involves 35 minutes of vigorous boxing and 20 minutes of relaxing and strengthening yoga.

They offer a new member special of $33, the price of one class, for two classes. This is a great way to have an intense workout and a mindful and empowering one at the same.

5. First Orange Theory Class Free

This hour-long workout class is perfect for those who go to the gym and don't know what to do. Ever feel intimidated by all the gym junkies lifting in the gym? Well, if you do this class is perfect for you. This is an interval based workout class using different machines at the gym.

The instructors are enthusiastic and really help push you farther than you thought you could go. While these classes are a little pricey your first class is free! This is a great way to try out Orange Theory and sweat.. a lot.

6. Physique 57 New Client 2 Classes For The Price of One 

Physique 57 is an intense barre class taregting the arm, leg and ab muscles working them to their capacity and then stretching them. This type of workout will help you get that lean fit and muscular body. For those trying Physique 57 for the first time, they have a $38 deal, the price of one class for two.

This is a great way to try out a new workout for a super affordable price. Don't let that winter layer slow you down! Start off the new year right.

7. Class Pass Membership 

If you like taking workout classes but don't want to clean out your bank account this program is your answer. By getting this membership you can get access to a large amount of classes ranging from yoga to cycling to boxing. Class Pass will give you a free month trial where you can take up to seven classes in your area a month.

You can then pick a membership depending on the amount of classes you want to take per month. This is a great way to take super fun and effective classes without having to sacrifice that impromptu weekend beach vacation. So treat yourself this new year to a free month of sweating.

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