Waking up early has been a constant struggle for me as it is for many people. I am what most would say a Night Owl; I prefer to stay up late rather than wake up early. But we all know how important it is to wake up early to have a productive day. Just look up any number of deep inspirational quotes or advice from incredibly successful people to tell you how important it is to wake up early. So try out some of these ways in efforts to wake up early and start your day off right.

1. Sleep earlier.

Now this may seem obvious, but it can actually be very hard to adjust your routine. In order to not be tired when you wake up early, you need to get the full amount of sleep your body requires. Use some of the other steps to help you go to sleep earlier because there is no shortchanging the amount of sleep our body needs.

2. Get off your phone.

Put your phone away at least an hour before you plan on going to sleep. The blue light can disturb your circadian rhythm or your body's natural sleep cycle. The light cues your brain that it is daytime and time to work- not to sleep. So read a book instead to fall asleep or try some of the other steps in this list to make your mornings easier.

3. Plan your outfit the night before.

Planning your mornings can be helpful because it reduces some of the stress in the mornings. By planning your outfit for the day, you can make your mornings more efficient and get to work faster. Getting productive earlier in the morning sets a great pace for the rest of your day.

4. Make your To-Do list the night before.

Sometimes it can be hard to go to sleep when you know you have a busy or stressful day tomorrow. If you plan out your day before you go to sleep it can help ease your mind. Make a list of your top priority items for the next day. This can also help you get a faster start to your day in the morning since you have a clear plan for the day.

5. Have something to look forward to.

Remember those days in elementary school when you had a field trip or a class party and you couldn't wait to get up and get ready for the day. Sometimes all we need is some motivation to help us get out of our covers. Do something for yourself in the morning whether it's reading a book or doing yoga, find something that excites you.

6. No snooze.

It can be so easy to snooze your alarm (trust me, I speak from experience). Snoozing your alarm can be detrimental to your sleep cycle and make you even more tired in the morning. When you snooze your alarm and go back to sleep for an extra couple of minutes you are disrupting your REM sleep.

7. Place your alarm clock far from you.

You have probably heard this one before, but if you have actually try it you'll know that it really works. You are forced to get out of bed to turn your alarm clock off and you aren't stuck rationalizing for five more minutes of sleep.

8. No work in bed.

Your bed should be a place of relaxation. When you start doing homework or checking emails in bed, your brain and body don't associate your bed with sleeping and it can take longer to fall asleep at night. So keep the work away and associate relaxing activities with your bed.

9. Make gradual changes.

Waking up early doesn't happen overnight. Start adjusting your sleep schedule 30 minutes at a time. If you make drastic changes the new schedule will not stick long term. Don't get discouraged if it is hard to adjust the first couple of days, be patient because building a new habit can take time.

10. Drink water first thing in the morning.

Drinking water right after you wake up is incredibly healthy for your body. It hydrates your body, starts your metabolism and fuels your brain. It helps set your body for the rest of the day because when your body is hydrated, it runs more efficiently.