6 Ways To Spend More Time With Your Grandparents

Grandparents are the best. No doubt about it. They're like your second parents because they love you just as much as your parents do. At least it was like that for me with my grandmother.

Grandparents treat you like little kids and sometimes take you away from the real adult world and give you warm hugs and chocolate chip cookies just like when you were younger because you're still a little kid to them.

Grandparents are amazing and sometimes, we tend to take them for granted. With our busy schedule of school, work, and social life, we don't spend as much time with anyone in our family really.

We are busy, but we should take time out for our grandparents and spend time with them because at one point in time, they did the same for us. Here's how to spend more time with them.

1. Call them

Pick up the phone and call them. It doesn't have to be important, just ask them how they are and how their day went. Do it once a week and if you want, call them everyday. It may not seem much, but it is so important to them to know that you want to talk and spend time with them too.

2. Get to know them

This sounds like a 'duh' question, like you already know who they are. But do you really know your grandparents? I used to think that I knew who my grandparents were and what they did, but it turns out I didn't know them as well as I thought I did. After they told me their life stories and the adventures they had, it really changed my perspective of who my grandparents actually were. Getting to listen to your grandparents' stories is kind of cool if you are willing to take the time out and listen.

3. Visit them

I used to love visiting my grandparents because they would stuff me up with food and love and it was such a fun time. Visiting them is nice because it's like having a second home, with the people that you love. Plus, if your grandparents are like mine, they probably will stuff you up with so much food and make you gain about 16272983903 pounds because they feed you so much. But they love you and want to spend as much time with their adult grandchild as much as possible.

4. Hang out with your grandparents

This may sound weird or awkward for some of you, but your grandparents are pretty cool to hang out with. If your grandparents live far away, this might be hard for you, but if your grandparents live close by and you come visit often, do it. Call them and ask them to get lunch or something. Spend time with them more.

5. Listen to their life stories

Grandparents may not seem cool at the moment, but if you listen to their life stories and all the things they did, the way you look at them changes. But actually listen when you have the chance, not just be on your phone. Snapchats and Tweets will come around, having time with your grandparents and getting to listen to their life stories and spending time with them, is much more important than knowing how many likes you get on Insta or snapping 30 of your friends on Snap. Those can all wait.

6. Love them with all of your heart

Honestly, love them. Love the time you have with them. Love the way they are. Love their craziness. Love the way they love you and everyone else. Love the way that they still treat you like a kid even though you're an adult. Never let them go and love them because there will be times where you wished you had that time with them. So do all of these things now and love every single moment of it.

This is dedicated to my loving grandparents, who are not with us today, but have made me the person I am today and still keep teaching to be a better person. I love you and miss you guys so much and I'll see you soon.

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