13 Ways To Save The Earth Before We Destroy It
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13 Ways To Save The Earth Before We Destroy It

Do you want to be the reason our world goes to crap?

13 Ways To Save The Earth Before We Destroy It

Being an environmentalist isn't "trendy", it's important. We need to do something now, before it's too late. Not just a small handful of us, but ALL of us. Here's a list of some small things you can do to help our Earth and love it.

1. Recycle...duh

Everyone knows this phrase and it's pretty self-explanatory. Start making an effort to recycle more instead of throwing every item into the trash. A little goes a long way.

2. Turn off the lights when you leave the room

Leaving the lights on was a habit I used to suffer from... now, I've learned that every second a light is on, is a second wasted. Flip the switch, it's not that hard. Save electricity!

3. Bring your own bags to the grocery store

Yes, a new bag may cost you a few dollars, but it will save thousands of useless, plastic bags gone to waste. Invest in at least one, start building a collection, and then get in the habit of not forgetting them before you go to the grocery store.

4. Have no-meat days

Hey, maybe it isn't in your best interest to become vegetarian. I did it once, and it's not an easy thing to do. But it won't hurt to cut out meat once a week, and the ecosystem will thank you for it.

5. Use the front and back of the piece of paper

Writing an essay? Make sure you use both sides of the paper, instead of wasting a few extra pages. Conserve the paper to help conserve the trees.

6. Invest in a reusable water bottle

Not only are reusable water bottles a cute accessory, but they actually do save the environment. Every water bottle you buy at the store is more plastic that probably will end up in a landfill. There are loads of stylish water bottles that you'll love to carry around campus.

7. Shorten your showers

Taking a thirty minute shower is never necessary, even when you're deep in sad-boi thoughts. It's completely possible to reduce shower time and reduce excess water use, and save the sad thoughts for when you're sitting in your towel.

8. Plant something! 

Nothing beats the feeling of planting your own flower or tree and seeing it sprout! It's a true proud mom moment.

9. Use electronic tickets

Why waste all that paper for your next concert ticket when you can have it handy right on your phone? This is such a small, easy thing to do that it still amazes me why people DON'T use e-tickets!

10. Rechargeable batteries

Every time you go through a pack of batteries, they get thrown into the trash. Whereas, rechargeable batteries can be used many more times before they need to be thrown away!

11. Walk to close-by places, instead of driving

It's no secret that cars are polluting the air every second of the day. If that Walgreens you need to go is of walking distance, do it! You'll get some exercise while not wasting your gas.

12. Avoid heavily packaged items

If you have to unwrap multiple layers of something to open it, that's never a good sign. That's wasted plastic/paper/whatever it is wrapped in. Stick to things packaged resourcefully.

13. Be thoughtful

The most important thing to do is be constantly thinking about what you're doing. Whether it's harmful to our environment, whether it helps it, etc. The more we take note of our bad habits, the easier it will be to fix them.

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