With summer here, everyone is looking for a way to get out of the winter funk and change things up. One of the easiest ways to change things up is to change up your bedroom. Completely redecorating your bedroom can be time consuming and expensive, so here are 10 cheap and easy ways to change up your room this summer.

1. New lighting.

Multicolor strip lights are trending right now and for good reason. They're relatively cheap and can be hung up pretty much anywhere in a room and can completely change the mood of it. They can be hung around the entire perimeter of a room or behind pieces of furniture to act more of accent lighting.

2. Plants, everywhere.

Whether you trust yourself enough to get real plants or like the ease that comes with fake plants. You can use plants to dress up shelves and windowsills. You can also get fake vines and use them to border windows, doors, or mirrors.

3. A tapestry.

Painting your walls can be time-consuming and expensive, but you can find tons of cute tapestries on Amazon and Etsy for cheap. Tapestries can completely change the look of a room and give you a cute accent wall.

4. A new bedspread.

Chances are you haven't actually washed your bedspread in far too long. So, instead of washing it now, see if you can find a new one. Places like Homegoods, Ross and Marshal's have super cute ones for cheap. Plus a new bedspread is a super easy way to give new life to your room.

5. New curtains.

If you live someone super sunny like south Florida, your curtains are bound to get sun faded after a few months. This can make your walls look a little worse for wear and can overall be an eye sore in the room. Try buying some new curtains to bring life back to the room.

6. A rug.

Buying and installing new flooring can be a big project, so instead, try buying a cute rug to change up the floor (and maybe cover some of those stains you can't get out of your carpet).

7. Paint your doors.

Painting your whole room may be too much, but spicing up your doors may be just enough. You can paint them white just so they look newer and cleaner, or you can paint them a color to make them stand out. You can even get creative and paint a pattern on them.

8. Move your furniture around.

If you don't feel like buying any new furniture, just try moving around the stuff you already have. This can be a little difficult if you have a small room, but can completely change the look of the space.

9. Stickers.

If you want to add a little personality to a mirror, window, or even an old piece of furniture, try stickers! You can buy random sticker packs off of Wish for cheap if you want to cover a large area and don't really care what the stickers are. Or you can buy a couple of stickers off of Redbubble if you only want to cover some stuff.

10. IKEA.

If you have a little extra money and you really want to change up your room, Ikea has some really cute and kind of cheap furniture that can help to revamp your room. You'll probably be smart to hire a Task Rabbit to put together the furniture for you so you don't break something.

So whether you want to completely change the look of your room, or just add a little something extra, there is a way to ball on a budget this summer!