Ways to Prevent Peer Pressures

When entering college, the peer pressures become a little bit too frantic. Yes, everyone makes mistakes but if you find yourself saying “yes” to, “come on one more drink” then there is an issue. Some people find it hard to say "no" or they don’t know the ways to not succumb to the pressure. Here are some ways to help you in the time of need during a pressuring situation as well as some tips to what you should do if you find yourself in trouble.

1.) Never make a person feel as though they have to use or drink at parties

2.) Never drive under the influence

3.) Never take an open drink from someone unless it’s someone you trust or you are there with them when they give you a drink.

4.) Speaking of drinks, never leave your drink if you do, get a new one

5) If someone is insisting for you to take another drink or try anything that you don’t want to, do not be afraid to say “no”

6.) If you see anyone harassing or pressuring someone else, step in and help that person

7.) It is always safe to use the buddy system. If you go anywhere and don’t feel safe, bring someone else with you.

8.) If you ever feel as though you are in harm or unsafe call the police or call your college campus security

You don't have to be a college student that parties all the time. Having some fun every once in a while is great and sometimes needed, but too much fun can result in your college career down the drain over one bad mistake. Do not be afraid to say no. Other students can make their own decisions, but once you realize you made the right choice to stay in after a party got busted, you'll thank yourself later. It's better to walk away safe than to be sorry.