How to Make Quick Easy Money

It's August now, which means the fall semester will be starting within the next month for most universities. This also means that college students have only a few more weeks to scrounge up as much money as they can before classes start. Sure, you could pick up a couple more shifts at work, but here are a few ways to make those extra dollars you'll need for laundry, printing, or food.



Ask your parents if any of their friends need someone to watch their kids on a night out. If they don't know anyone then try babysitting websites or post on your town's facebook residence page! There are many parents out there willing to pay far over minimum wage just for you to play barbies with their toddlers.

Exchange Coins.


If you make tips at your job, then you probably have more coins than you know what to do with. Even if you don't, there's probably a bunch of useless coins around your house, or in your car. Gather as much change as you can and go to a coin star. You could also see if any local banks have a coin machine. The machines turn your coins into cash. It may not be a lot, but every penny counts when you're in college!

Sell Your Stuff.


Is your closet half full of stuff you never wear? Try selling some of it! Websites and apps like Depop or Poshmark make it really easy to sell your wardrobe. There's lots of girls that use these sites to find cute clothes for cheap.

Do Chores.


Talk to your parents about some kind of money arrangement for helping around the house! Maybe ask for a dollar for each load of laundry you do, or every room you vacuum. Don't push for too much, just ask about a little extra cash for keeping the house clean.

Help a Neighbor.


Offer to mow their lawn or pick their weeds for cheap! Maybe they have a dog that you can walk, or they're going on vacation and you could housesit. Ask around! Somebody could probably use your help in one way or another.

College is around the corner, so if you're low on funds, you better get moving!

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