2018 is officially over and 2019 is rolling in! Many, including me, are relieved that 2018 can finally be put in the past, as it was definitely one of the longest years! Who knew that we had the Olympics this Summer because I forgot! But that is all in the past now! It's time to focus on 2019 and not letting it get the best of you. Everyone always complains that it was the longest or worst year of their life, and they're excited to take on the new year.

Here are 19 ways that you can make that feeling actually stay and have one of your best years yet:

1. Make a routine.

Planning your day out and being organized can help relieve all the stress things tend to bring throughout the days and year. Knowing what you have to do and planning it out will give you a visual of the day and will help keep your good habits up!

2. Set goals.

As cliche as it is, setting goals help! I set goals over winter break to prepare for after school and job searching. I got almost everything done by making a routine and setting my goals, and it's only the first week of January! It already feels rewarding! It is a constant reminder of what you want to achieve and nothing is out of reach!

3. Self-care.

This is one of the most important things to remember— take care of yourself! Whether that means sleeping more, doing skin masks, or drinking more water, do it! Don't follow crazy diet or workout routines because you want to be skinny. You won't be happy with the extreme stuff. Take it little by little and always remember that you come first! Take care of yourself this year, I promise you'll be happier!

4. Self-love!

This goes with self-care! LOVE YOURSELF! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, AND YOU! No one else in the world can say they are you and that's unique! Love yourself first and put yourself first. When you do that, you can start to live way more beautifully and finally be happy. 2019 is all about being your best you!

5. Go on an adventure.

Even if it's just for a day, plan a trip! Go out with your friends and see a part of the world you've never been to before. Life calls for adventure, so choose 2019 to explore! Expose yourself to something new. Who knows, maybe that will help adjust your future!

6. Say I love you!

Don't forget to tell people you love them! Sharing the love is just what the world needs. Sometimes people don't say it enough or others may not even feel loved, so don't forget to say it.

7. Smile!

How could you possibly have the best year if you don't smile? Smile at funny videos, at fun movies, at beautiful sunsets, at other people! Smile every chance you get to smile. Sometimes all people need to make their day better is a smile.

8. Motivate.

Motivate your friends to be their best selves too! Even if it's telling them to finish that cake or to go on a run, do it! Motivating others will also motivate yourself to accomplish any goals you have!

9. Be proactive!

Getting ahead of stuff will also help make you less stressed. Personally, I do my best work under pressure, but being proactive is more efficient when you spread out your time. Be proactive with that presentation, job application, or project. Who knows what will happen when you get things done ahead of time!

10. Volunteer.

Volunteering is a rewarding experience. You're not only helping other people but yourself! You grow as a person and leave a positive impact on the community. Plus, some volunteer opportunities are all around the world so you can explore while you help others!

11. Try new foods!

Just like exploring the world, exploring new foods has its benefits! Don't be boring and settle for the same thing at your favorite restaurant. You may find that those chicken fingers and French fries were a hidden gem!

12. Listen to new music.

Expand your music horizons! Listen to your friends' playlists, listen to new artists or even throwbacks! Next time these songs come on, you'll be the first person to know the lyrics and sing your heart out in the club!

13. Visit your family.

We all have family all over the world, so get your exploring in and say hi to your relatives! As much as you miss them, they miss you! Even if your grandparents are a house down the street, they'll still love that you thought of them and stopped by.

14. Back off social media.

Social media has its perks and is a great way to stay connected, but it can also destroy people too. Sometimes, especially over breaks, it seems like its one big competition of who's living the most lavish lifestyle. Keep in mind everyone is doing different things, but social media emphasizes it and makes it look like its better than it is. Don't let it be negative! Take some breaks from it and focus on your wonderful 2019!

15. Watch new movies.

Pick a day each month or even multiple days to hit up the movies with your friends! It's a great way to spend time with them and catch up on the newest blockbusters!

16. Read.

As much as movies are amazing, so are books! Reading is not only entertaining but beneficial to our learning! It expands our knowledge and emerges us into a whole new world. Even magazines or blogs count!

17. Keep up with the news.

Even though the news is not always the most positive, it is still good to keep up with it and know what's going on in the world. Just looking at updates on your phone is good! You'll feel more well-rounded and in touch with people all over.

18. Take pictures.

Take lots and lots of pictures! 2019 is going to be filled with countless memories you'll never want to forget, so make sure you keep them well documented so you can look back at all the amazing times you had this year. Focus on the good stuff!

19. Be happy!

I know this can be hard, especially at times, but if you do these things it can be almost impossible not to be happy! Enjoy the crazy ride and be happy that you made it another year! You're here for a reason so make the best of 2019 and say no more to bad years!