5 Ways To Kick Off Your Summer
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5 Ways To Kick Off Your Summer

Simple activities to get you in the summer spirit.

5 Ways To Kick Off Your Summer

1. Beach Day

Now, although this one might seem cliche, it's cliche for a reason. Going to the beach with a group of friends, some fun snacks or drinks, and some good music is a great way to kick off the summer and start enjoying the warmth! Just be prepared, you may be starting your summer off with some good memories, but you'll also be starting it off with a very sandy car. Definitely pack some extra towels and blankets for people to sit on after your day out.

2. Go Out On The Water

Whether someone you know has a boat or you have the ability to rent canoes and kayaks in your area, take this opportunity to step outside of the typically seen areas. Extra bonus points if you rent paddleboards and you knock your friends off before they knock you off.

3. Movie Marathon

Now, this one may seem counterproductive as it is done inside, but here's the thing, when during the school year can you stay up for 24 hours and watch as many movies as you want without worrying about assignments or grades? Almost never. So grab your favorite series of movies or just a collection of movies you love and start watching!

4. Take A Road Trip

This one's self-explanatory. Pack a bag and hop in your car, whether you know your destination or not, just go! There's nothing better than a spontaneous road trip with some of your closest friends.

5. Travel Abroad

Now, this one's for people who can afford it, and normally has to be planned far in advance. But, if you are able, summer is a great time to just relax and visit different locations around the world. You never know what kind of adventure you may find! "Mamma Mia!" anyone?

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