Ways to Keep Your Cool During Summer Heat
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Ways to Keep Your Cool During Summer Heat

Ways to Keep Your Cool During Summer Heat

Summer can bring lots of fun in the sun as we fire up the grills, splash around in the water and plan those annual vacations to the beach. However, with the fun also comes unbearable heat for many of us throughout the summer months. We find ourselves becoming cranky and a little lazy as the temperatures soar well above what is comfortable for our bodies. Heat can not only make us miserable as sweat drips down our brows makes it seem as though the walls are closing in, but it can pose health risks as the threat of heat strokes approaches and those with underlying health conditions can suffer.

While this can sound scary, there's no need to fret – there are a few surefire ways to beat the heat this summer.

1.Quench your thirst

One of the most important rules to remember during the blistering heat is to stay hydrated. Water is vital for staying healthy and preventing dehydration, especially during the summer. Keep a few bottles in the fridge, or even stick a few in the freezer to lightly ice over for an extra cool kick. If leaving the house, throw a few bottles in a cooler for traveling. The chill will cool you off while the water will keep your body working like it is meant to.

2.Dress down

Your wardrobe can make quite the difference in keeping you cool during the hot months. Choose lightweight fabrics that will not cling to your body. Make sure the fabric of your shirts and pants is not too thick. Lighter colors, such as white and pastels, will not soak in the sun like your darker colors such as black, navy and brown. Try to choose a fabric like cotton or linen to stay away from getting overheated.

3.Keep the fan on

Fans are a must during the months of June, July and August, and sometimes beyond that, depending on which area of the world you reside. A ceiling fan on at night in the bedroom can ward off the heat at night. While venturing onto the patio or the yard to enjoy nature or fire up the grill, you can keep cool with outdoor ceiling fans. This will allow you to still enjoy the outdoors while not having to worry about the wretched heat. If venturing further from home, try a traveling fan. Getting one with a spray bottle is an added bonus.

4.Stay in the shade

Make sure to stay in shaded areas. If you're inside, stay away from the windows where the sun is beaming through, and instead choose the cooler, darker areas of the home. If you are venturing outside, try your best to hide a tree to stay under or within the shadows from buildings and other structures. It is best to find shade where you can still catch a breeze, but even some shade from the sun will offer a temperature that is a few degrees cooler than the direct sunlight.

5.Ice, Ice, Baby

There was nothing more fun than chomping on an ice-cold popsicle during summer vacation as a kid. When the sun comes out, there's a great excuse as an adult to freeze a popsicle and enjoy it as an afternoon snack when the day is the hottest. For a healthy alternative, freeze smoothies in a homemade popsicle mold. If popsicles aren't your forte, ice will cool you off as well.

6.Soak it up

There are many reasons to take a cool shower or bath on a daily basis when temperatures soar. Many of us do so too, be honest, stay smelling good. Sweat can stick to our brow and become very unpleasant, and a quick jump in the shower or bath helps. However, keeping the temperature of the water down when showering also can help keep the body temperature down. So, jump in, turn some music up and enjoy a nice, cool shower or bath.

7.Catch some zzz's

As adults, there are many times we want to snuggle up in bed and take a nap but doing so too often can be frowned upon in the midst of work, parenting and life's many other responsibilities. There is good news – taking a nap or getting a full eight hours of rest is another great way to help with the hot temperatures, giving you the perfect excuse to catch some zzz's. Getting rest when you feel tired and run down will help your body recuperate and help it fight off the heat when it counts.

8.Dive In

What's more fun than splashing around in the water? Enjoy a dive in your own pool, head on down to the local water park or enjoy a splash in a friend's pool. There also are many great lakes and natural springs for a day spent outside enjoying nature.

9.Chomp down

There is nothing more refreshing in the summer months than a light, cool meal. Choosing entrees like salad and fruit that contain water provide great benefits to the body. Cold meals offer a lighter alternative that are more pleasant compared to heavier meals like meat and carbs when the body already feels weighed down.

10.Avoid the beverages

While choosing lighter, colder meals, make sure to avoid other items that could be harsh on the body. This is a good time of year to stray from alcoholic beverages, even though it might be tempting to mix up some frozen margaritas. It also is a good idea to try and nix the coffee this season and stick to water to avoid dehydration.

11.Steer away from salt

Unfortunately, alcohol and caffeine aren't the only two diet restrictions you should consider implementing this summer. Spicy and salty foods can worsen dehydration and make the body work overtime, so it is a good call to steer clear until the cooler months arrive. It may not be fun, but it is what is best for the body.

12.Work it out

It is important to remain active all year round, but during the summer time you choose to exercise can make a big difference in your health. Try to fit in your schedule working out in the morning before sunrise, or just after the sun has come out, or in the evenings as the sun is setting. Doing so will keep your body in top health while avoiding the hottest parts of the day and risking doing more harm than good as you try to stay healthy during the hottest part of the year.

13.Take the umbrella

Taking an umbrella with you outdoors will offer a permanent source of shade when there is no one around. It keeps the heat off of your back while offering a bit cooler temperature when you are facing extreme heat.

14.Grab a hat

Grabbing a sun hat also will help some with the sun when it seems to be pounding into your skin. Not only will a hat cool off your skin, it will prevent a sunburn which can be both uncomfortable and lead to skin cancer.

15.Get the gadgets

There are many fun, unique gadget to try in the war against the hot temperatures. Cool towels and even headbands can be soaked in water and applied to help cool the body. Whiskey stones cool drinks for hours to keep them from getting overheated quickly, and hand fans offer an old-fashioned way of cooling off. Water bottles with misters are a fun way to cool off the face without having to carry anything extra.

16.Close those curtains

There are several steps you can take to cool off the inside of your home, and one of the most important is keeping those curtains closed during this time of year. Doing so will keep the home dark and comfortable while the weather is scorching outside, offering a place of retreat for you and your loved ones.

17.Hang a sheet

It may sound a tad crazy, but try hanging a wet sheet in front of a window when the heat really starts to get to you. The breeze will come through the windows and blow mist throughout the home, allowing a nice, easy way to cool off without spending extra money by cranking down the air conditioning system, or if you're without an air conditioner, it provides a nice trick.

18.Ice helps

If number 17 doesn't quite work for you, then try placing a bowl of ice in front of a fan. It will cool the air even more as you sit in front of the fan and let it blow across your face, providing a chill as you attempt to cool off.

19.Meal prep

If you insist on cooking some meals and straying away from cold entrees, choosing one day of the week to meal prep is a great alternative. This allows you to only turn on the stove once a week to prepare upcoming meals, verses over warming the house every night. Keep meals in individual containers in the fridge and just pop them in the microwave when you're ready to eat.

20.Don't break the bank

Instead of cranking down your own air conditioner, this time of the year is a great opportunity to get out of the house, visit some local venues and soak in the cooler temperatures indoors. Sit back and relax while enjoying a book at the local library, or venture over to a museum and soak up history. Has a dollar movie theater nearby? Catch up on a movie while enjoying the dark indoors and a nice, cold drink.

21.Freeze cold packs

Get ready for those hotter days by sticking a few cold packs in the freezer. It is a wonderful solution for when you get overheated and need something fast. You can cool your body temperature by grabbing one and applying it to the back of your neck or forehead. Make sure to wrap it in a small towel to prevent hurting your skin.


Another easy homemade solution to help beat the heat is to mix up a peppermint spray. Small empty bottles can be bought for cheap at local drug stores or big box chains. Simply pour two tablespoons of distilled water together with two tablespoons of witch hazel into the bottle. Add in four drops of peppermint oil and four drops of lavender oil and shake well. It's like air conditioning in a bottle. Simply spray to your feet, back of your neck, wrists and more for a quick way to cool off.

23.Sleep alone

While it is always tempting to cuddle up next to a loved one, it's best to sleep alone during the warm summer nights. Sleeping close to another increase body temperatures, which isn't going to do you any favors when trying to cool off while catching a good night's sleep. Make sure to stretch out to allow plenty of air to move around your body.

24.Freeze the feet

Did you know there are a whole lot of pulse points just in your feet alone? A great way to cool down your entire body is to stick those feet in a bucket of cold water. It will reach those pulse points, resulting in more comfort and a lower body temperature.

25.Shut it down

The appliances in your home, including the dryer, dishwasher, computer, television and chargers, all produce heat. That extra heat is noticeable during the summer, so try your best to keep them turned off and unplugged. Some things are unavoidable, but the less heat produced, the cooler you stay and the more energy you will save.

Despite the modern conveniences of air conditioning, there are times we still have to get creative in order to stay cool during the hotter months. So when those temperatures start to soar and outdoors, and even the interior of your home, feels like the surface of the sun, try these tips to beat the heat and stay cool all year long.

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