With Thanksgiving right around the corner, you might be wondering how you can really participate in the holiday season. In four days will be a celebration dedicated to giving thanks, an action rarely executed by the majority of our United State's populous.

1. Thank whoever makes you a better person

You are a product of not only your biology, but heavily of your environment. Those who you are either forced to meet or that you have allowed into your life will make some impact on you as a person. For all of those who have challenged you, supported you, believed in you, and fed you, go thank them for contributing to your growth as a person, as well as your well-being.

2. Stare at nature

Develop a deeper appreciation for the beauty that is Mother Earth. Like all living things, the Earth has a soul. Her soul is kinder, wiser, and far self-less than ours, as she consistently gives without ever receiving. Giving thanks to not only the planet on which we inhabit, but the entirety of the universe we know, you will strengthen your

3. Meditate

Meditation plays a key role in acknowledging truth and aiding in devotion to love. It is through mindfulness that you can better identify what qualities of your life deserves gratitude.

4. Pray

By praying, you can give thanks for all of life and connect deeper to your internal appreciation for the good (even the bad) experienced.

5. Give to those who need (the poor, broken, angry, etc)

Below is a short list of volunteer based organizations and charities where you can make a difference in other people's lives!

Goodwill Donations

Action Against Hunger


Do Something

Globus Relief


Rainforest Alliance

6. Smile at someone today, or let that person know how much you love their boots


7. Clean up your environment!

Thank Mother Earth by helping keep her healthy! Clean up your local environment or get involved in politically protecting the earth!

8. Pet puppies, kittens, and other various cuddly creatures at a humane society

Other animals need love too! By volunteering at a local animal shelter you give thanks to those who are running a low-funded facilitiy solely for the well-being of these animals, plus you get to give these furry little guys much deserved love.

9. Write cards to those who impact the world, positively

Whether it be doctors, your lunch-lady, various politicians, or even your nanny, give thanks to those positively impact the world around you.

10. Spread love