Stress is the worst. No one asks for it, no one likes it, and yet here it is, showing up whenever it wants. Well, luckily there are tons of simple and relaxing ways to eliminate the nagging feeling of stress. These are some of my favorite tricks that I use to rid myself of that uncomfortable stress everyone feels at some point.

1. Make A List

For me, one of the most satisfying things to do is to cross off items from a list. When I'm feeling under stress and feel like I just have so much to do I can't start working, I start making a list. Whether I use my phone, a sticky note, a planner, or write on my chalkboard wall, at least having a list in front of me makes me feel so much better.

2. Yoga

I know not everyone is into practicing yoga, although whatever you Google about how to relieve stress, you're sure to find someone telling you to breathe or meditate and that is exactly what yoga is. During yoga, you will bring your mind back to only focusing on your body and how it feel. This is a sure way to let that stress leave. I suggest taking a yoga class or practicing at home right after a hard day or a big test is over. The plus side is you'll get to tone your summer body and who doesn't want that?

3. "Treat Yo Self"


Not to be confused with stress eating or binge eating, just having a little treat will without a doubt give you an instant feeling of happiness and some more motivation.

4. Movie Time

A great way to let go of stress is to unplug your brain from the stress for a little while. Watch that new show everyone has been tweeting about or grab a friend and go see the new movie you've been wanting to see. Personally, I think the best way to take advantage of this one is to put your most comfortable clothes on and open up Netflix to your favorite show.

5. Music

Music is one of my favorite things in general, so when it comes to dealing with stress, I usually turn to music first. The nicest part of listening to music is that there is so much available that part of the experience is finding new songs and artists, choosing your favorites, and making that perfect playlist for later.

6. Self Care

It probably sounds cheesy by now, since it seems everyone has heard this term recently or in the past, but this one really is important. Taking the time to take a hot bubble bath or get some extra sleep can really make the difference in your stress. The best part about this tip is that there are so many options to take part in self care and benefit from it.

7. Find A Furry Friend

I don't even need to say it, we all know how helpful animals are in stressful situations, just think about therapy dogs. My first choice of a stress animal is my dog. She stays happy all the time and always has energy to play and get me thinking about something other than my stress. Even if you don't have a pet, you can always go to a pet store and play with the animals that are being adopted or borrow a friend's furry best friend.

It is safe to say that for most people, stress is a least favorite. Fortunately, there are options for letting go of some of that uncomfortable stress. Using these simple tricks, you can be sure to leave your stress behind.