6 Ways To Better Merchandise Your Store's Apparel
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6 Ways To Better Merchandise Your Store's Apparel

It's all about the presentation!

6 Ways To Better Merchandise Your Store's Apparel

What makes you feel you absolutely have to buy that sweater in the window? Perhaps it's the color. Maybe it's because the mannequin's whole outfit is stylish. It could even be the creative display around the sweater. Most likely, it's a mix of all of the above. Some of the most successful stores use the following tips and tricks to make their merchandise even more appealing:

Organize the store by collection, not by color 

I know that fluffy, forest green sweater matches the green in that paisley, chiffon, midi skirt, but they sure shouldn't be found in the same section of the store. Sure, the colors may perfectly match, but their seasons and styles do not. For example, the sweater should be styled with other cozy winter apparel like bubble coats, casual sweater dresses and flannels - regardless of color. It doesn't hurt to slightly separate neutrals and brights and pastels into their own sections, but the most important part is that they are all in the cozy winter section.

The skirt, on the other hand, should be in a section with dressier, spring apparel. This section should also be in the front of the store if the season is transitioning from winter to spring.

Keep sizes in order from smallest to largest

Traditionally, this is the easiest and fastest way for shoppers to find their sizes. Shoppers can get discouraged when trying to find their size, and they aren't in order, especially if they are in a rush. Customers are also more likely to approach a sales associate to ask if their size is in back stock or online if they can easily flip through and quickly see if their size isn't out on the floor.

Create height and depth 

Don't have all t-shirts at eye level and all jeans laid out on a table. Have a few styles and colors of each at different heights. (But don't merchandise the same styles too far away from each other!) Perhaps hang three styles of jeans on a rack, while folding another four styles on a table next to the rack. Have multiple colors of a t-shirt? Fold two next to each other in cubbies while hanging the other three on a rack close by!

Merchandise the product to feature what is unique about it

Does a jean jacket have patchwork on the back? Fold it upside down on a table! Show customers right away what makes the product stand out. Have a fun, shimmery tank top? Place the tank on a rack in front of a simpler piece.

Place accessories in appropriate sections

This is the same idea as organizing the store by "collection." Place your leather bags, chunky knit scarves and rancher hats with clothes for cold weather while placing canvas totes, chiffon neck scarves and floppy hats with clothes for warmer weather. Let your customers imagine all of the merchandise paired together!

Change decorations often

Your frequent shoppers will appreciate when their favorite store's employees take the time to "WOW" them! Even better? Decorate with the merchandise. Customers are always asking if the store's accents can be purchased. Toss that new blanket over a chair, or hang necklaces from the wall. (Of course, it's necessary to decorate with things that are not on sale as well. Typically, stores that create their decorations are usually really respected. Take Anthropologie's famous window displays, for example.)

Think of your store as an experience, not just a place to buy apparel. Your store should be inviting and intriguing, and you should have fun making it that way!

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