5 Ways To Be More Environmentally Cautious This Summer
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5 Ways To Be More Environmentally Cautious This Summer

Some cheap and easy methods of becoming an environmentalist in Summer 2019!

5 Ways To Be More Environmentally Cautious This Summer
Photo by Markus Spiske

Here are some easy ways to stay environmentally cautious while you're having a really fun summer.

1. Use a reusable straw/water bottle 

This is a super easy way to be environmentally cautious this summer. Buying a metal straw can save you from using plastic straws every time you pick up an iced coffee or cold drink this summer. Also using a reusable water bottle instead of the plastic bottle is an easy way to lower the amount of plastic that you are putting into the environment.

2. Eat less meat 

Believe it or not, cutting down on the meat that you buy and consume can help the environment a lot. Livestock creates a large number of harmful greenhouse gasses that are going back into the environment. Less livestock also means that there will be more land that we can utilize for other more productive and less harmful activities.

3. Canvas bags instead of plastic 

Even though a lot of stores are switching to paper bags rather than plastic, using canvas bags is more beneficial for the environment. If you aren't interested in using canvas bags you can also try to reuse the plastic or paper bags that you have from past purchases.

4. Try and regulate your air conditioning 

Even though it is brutally hot in the summer think twice before you have your air conditioning on all day. Make sure that you set a timer on your air conditioner to turn it off once it reaches a certain temperature. And also make sure to turn it off before you leave the house so it's not just running.

5. Educate others!

This is the most important thing. Make sure that you are always telling other people what you're doing to be environmentally cautious to inspire others to do that same.

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