Here are some undeniable signs you are growing up.

1. You do your own laundry weekly without letting it pile up.

A seemingly small feat but the day I realized that I was consistently washing my clothes BY MYSELF was a proud day.

2. Your self awareness increases.

A sense of security in who you are, your likes and dislikes, your aspirations and what you need emerges. While you are still on the path to finding out who you truly are, you notice a pattern in your reactions, who you associate with, etc. Understanding who you are as a person is a liberating feeling, as your independence develops and guides you.

3. You no longer care what others think of you.

Similar to your heightened sense of self, you become less bothered by others opinions. Maybe it is a newfound understanding that what others think truly doesn't matter or a lack of energy/time to care, but you are slowly becoming less enthused with and affected by peers judgments.

4. You treat people with kindness, even when they've wronged you.

Being the bigger person isn't strictly a "grown-up people" thing, but your maturity level improving is an indication of growth. Inevitably, people are going to treat you poorly. How you react impacts you as a whole. Holding onto anger and resentment is draining. Treating antagonists with kindness feeds your soul and allows you to grow as a human.

5. Your life becomes less about posts and pictures and more about substantial memories and appreciating the moment. 

This might not be true for all, but as you get older, you care more about the quality of the moments and less about documenting them. Being present and appreciating your time is a symptom of growth.

6. You drift away from some long time friends.

Outgrowing people is natural. Some aren't destined to be in your life forever. Accepting this is hard, but allowing those to leave and others to come into your life naturally without trying to salvage unhealthy relationships is a part of growing up.

7. You understand how to handle your money and spend (mostly) on items of need rather than desire.

I wish this time would never have to come, but you understand how important good money handling and saving tactics are. More emphasis is placed on need rather than want and you look further into the future to prepare and plan economically.

8. You survived some things you thought you would never get through. 

When you're young, the smallest things seem like the end of the world. When you're getting older, hardships will still prevail. Some even seem unsurvivable. But you will survive and you will be stronger after. Troubles are another symptom of growth. Overcoming is an indication of progress and strength.

9. You feel lonely.

Although seemingly sad, loneliness aids in self-discovery. You might feel like you don't fit in or that you have different values than those that surround you. This doesn't mean anything is wrong with you, but that you are maturing faster than those around you. Or, you simply value different things. Variety is an inspiring asset of humanity.

10. You understand that you don't know everything.

Teenage me would still argue that I do. But as you get older you understand that you have so much left to learn and so much left to experience. You will never know everything and accepting this is an implication of growth.