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5 Ways To Talk To The Girl In Your Big Lecture Hall Before The School Year Ends

This is for when you want to want to talk the girl in your two-hundred person class but she sits fifteen rows away.

5 Ways To Talk To The Girl In Your Big Lecture Hall Before The School Year Ends

Everyone's been in this situation before.

It's the first day of the semester and you walk in with hundreds of other students trying to find a seat. As you sit down in your seat, you glance across the room, and there's a super cute girl across from you.

You pay attention in class but continue to find your mind wandering off thinking about how to talk to her in such a large class. You don't want to seem too eager to get to know her, but you also don't want to sit back and not take a chance in seeing what she's like.

Well, here are five ways on how you could start up a conversation with her.

Walking in on the first day of class

1. Apathy is unattractive

If you're the guy who sits in the back of class smoking his juul, playing on his phone, and pulling Ferris Buellers all the time by skipping class, then you can't expect to have a chance with the girl that sits in the front, participates regularly, and gets an A.

Don't hop on the "Try-hards are lame" bandwagon, and don't hesitate to raise your hand and make an effort in class. The more you answer questions and participate, the more you will stick out to her. It's hard to really know somebody without speaking to them directly, but you can pick up one someone's personality based on how they carry themselves in class.

2. Intercept at the door

We all know everyone starts packing up five minutes before class gets out. After that, everyone heads to the door in stampede fashion.

This small window is a premium opportunity to initiate conversation for the first time. Please do not sprint like Usain Bolt to the door, keep it a casual stride that smoothly aligns with hers.

Additionally, do not improvise on what you're going to say. This conversation should've been practiced in front of the mirror at least ten times by now so you should be ready. Keep it light, but keep it memorable.

3. "I forgot my glasses"

This method requires a little finesse, but if done correctly can be the equivalent of obtaining the Super Star in Mario Kart.

It's simple in theory, but the ability to execute is key. The only thing you'll need for this, regardless of your vision, is a pair of glasses (real or fake). For at least two class periods you need to show up looking like Peter Parker before he puts on the Spider-Man suit.

It's crucial that she sees these glasses on your face. For example, ask the professor a question before class at the front of the lecture hall.

On the third class period, you're going to com:e to class looking a little different. With your face devoid of specs, you're going to sit in the front row right next to her. This will most likely lead her or someone around her to ask, "Why did you switch seats?" That's when you respond with, "Oh, I forgot my glasses."

It's also a perfect opportunity to talk to her on the pretense of comparing notes, asking what's on the board, etc.

4. Shoot your shot on a discussion board

Discussion boards are basically extra credit opportunities disguised as actual assignments. They require no actual understanding or knowledge of course concepts.

However, they are not useless. If you're bold enough, take the opportunity to leave a message that's a little bit more personalized and not your typical "I agree." This method is going one of two ways: it's either going to work or drastically fail.

There is no in between.

5. Write her a love song

"You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don't take" - Michael Scott - Logan Mitchell

You've really got to be about this girl to create a melodic composition that is tailor-made for her. The purpose of the song is to express your genuine feelings to her in a unique way.

It is not a means to catcall her in public.

What I mean is that you should be authentic, avoid cliches, and truly speak from your heart. Dedicate a significant amount of time making sure each and every word fits.

How is she going to hear the song? Here's one way: there are multiple shops in Lawrence that host open mic nights. This is a perfect avenue where she can have the opportunity to hear the song.

6. Bonus Method: Write an article about her through Odyssey 

The Queen "B"

I originally planned on providing five different ways to talk to the girl in your big lecture hall, although, I believe there is one more clever way that I'm going to add to the list as a bonus method.

If you're reading this article, chances are that you are a consumer of Odyssey or a writer yourself. Why not use the platform to write a blog post about how you've been trying to find a way to talk to her so you can get to know her better?

First you'll want to try talking to her in person. If it seems like you can't "accidentally" bump into her after class and talk to her in person then be creative and "sub-tweet" her in your article on Odyssey Online. Then, try and find her on social media and DM her your post.

It's a more straightforward way to talk to her, but if she reads it, hopefully, she will be able to pick up on your genuine interest in getting to know her.

Regardless of what way you choose to talk to her, remember to always keep it classy, respectful, and be authentic in your feelings for her. If you display these qualities, then regardless of the outcome, you can at least hope to put a smile on her face.

I hope that one of these methods is successful and wish you the best of luck going forward!

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