10 Ways To Make The Summer Feel Like Fall
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10 Ways To Make The Summer Feel Like Fall

Because fall truly is the best time of the year.

10 Ways To Make The Summer Feel Like Fall

It's officially summer!

For some people, that's a great thing! They love the heat, the colors, the freedom, and the overall summer aesthetic. But for some of us, summer is, well, in the words of Jean Ralphio from Parks and Recreation, "the wooooorst"

I mean, sure, there are some good things about it. If you're a student, the break from classes is awesome, neon colors are fun sometimes, and the fruits that are in-season in summer are always amazing. Summer isn't all bad, but if I had it my way, I would live in Fall all year. Specifically, a year full of Octobers sounds like heaven.

Unfortunately, a year of Octobers is impossible, BUT it can be faked! Not completely, of course - it'd be difficult to make the leaves on trees change color, or to make any outdoor temperature feel October-worthy, BUT here are ten ways to bring a bit of the beauty of Fall to your summer!

1. Colors.

[instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BXtZrfXgv5o/embed/captioned/?cr=1&v=8&wp=567&rd=muse.theodysseyonline.com#%7B%22ci%22%3A0%2C%22os%22%3A5058552.99999984%7D expand=1]Ditch the summery neons for the deep red, mustard yellow, olive green, pumpkin orange, and of course witchy black shades that are everywhere in fall!

2. Scents.

Light an apple pumpkin candle. Melt those "Fall Leaves" scented wax cubes. Put cinnamon everywhere! If you stock up on these scents during fall, you'll definitely have enough to make it through summer. If you didn't think to get any last fall, check Amazon or the clearance aisle of your favorite store!

3. Horror movies.

Nothing says October like Halloween! And if you're like me, Halloween means marathons of favorite horror movies! The Conjuring, Insidious, Dark Skies, The Shining, and Paranormal Activity are some of my go-to Halloween movies!

4. Music.

In this list I put together in Fall 2017, I listed songs that make me think of Fall. Put together your own Fall playlist so you have songs that remind you of cooler times while walking in the summer heat! Mine includes lots of Stevie Nicks, Bastille, Haim, and The Head and the Heart, but you can include anything that reminds you of colorful leaves, sweaters, and pumpkin-spiced lattes.

5. TV Shows.

All the best television shows air in Fall (this is a fact, don't @ me). Supernatural, Stranger Things, and American Horror Story all start in fall! Fall is also the best time for cheesy reality shows like Ghost Adventures, The Dead Files, and My Haunted House! I watch American Horror Story: Coven every fall! If you want a quick dose of fall, watch an episode of your favorite fall series!

6. Makeup.

Nothing says fall quite like a dark berry/purple lip!

7. Home Decor.

Cover your house with fake pumpkins, colorful leaves, blankets, anything that reminds you of Fall!

8. Tumblr.

Follow fall-themed tumblrs to add a bit of Autumn to your social media feed!

9. Bake.

Anything with maple, cinnamon, or pumpkin is perfect for putting you in a fall mood!

10. Surround yourself with fall things - even if you can't use them yet!

Drape your favorite blankets over your couch! Display your boots! Put up your favorite Halloween decorations! Surround yourself with the happiness of Fall!

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