Everyone knows, being a college student means you probably don’t get a good amount of sleep. Ever. I know, because every time I come back to school I always catch myself complaining about how I never get enough sleep and how I'm always tired. Being a college student, your life is constantly busy because your day is filled with attending classes, doing homework and even going to work. Being deprived of sleep, it affects your ability to perform well in class. Well, luckily for you, being a junior in college, I have discovered some habits that have helped me.

1. Naps

Naps are a person’s best friend. Even if it may seem like your day is super busy, you can always fit a power nap into your day. You can try napping in between classes. I used to do this and it helped me reenergize for the day. Unfortunately, if you're like me, taking 18 credits, you might not have a time for a nap. Instead, what you can do is break up times doing homework or running errands and fit in some time to relax.

2. Come up with a sleep routine

We need at least eight hours of sleep per day, and if you come up with a sleeping routine and stick with it, it will be very beneficial to you. It’s also a good idea to try to sleep early even if it’s so hard. You'll wake up new person the next morning. A sleep routine will also help you not oversleep as well, which is a bonus.

3. Stay away from caffeine/energy drinks

As much as I am a coffee lover, I know when I should step back. Despite being obsessed with coffee, I am also obsessed with sleeping. When I know I shouldn’t be drinking anything with caffeine late at night, I check myself. A much better alternative is drinking tea or a decaf.

4. Don’t pull all-nighters

Do your best to try to avoid all-nighters. I understand that there will be days that you think you might have to, it might even be a rite of passage for most college students, but it is not worth it. All-nighters have many negative effects on your body and mind, so a way to avoid it is by not procrastinating. Study for your test a day or two in advance and do your assignments on time.

5. Have a good sleep environment

A healthy way to sleep is to sleep restfully. Don’t fall asleep listening to music or having the TV on, don’t let you or your roommate let people pop in or out of your room while you are trying to sleep. Getting a good night's sleep depends on the environment you're sleeping in. if you have bad sleep environment then you might actually not even feel refreshed in the morning even if you have enough time to sleep.

As a college student, you need to realize that you do have the chance to create your own schedule, and not just with classes but your sleeping schedule. Getting enough sleep is important to be successful and it will improve your academic performance. If you need help with your sleeping habits, try one of the things to do above. Does it work?