10 Ways To Know You're In Love With Chickfila

10 Ways To Know You're In Love With Chickfila

Because who doesn't love the a chicken sandwich and waffles fries?

If anyone knows me, I love Chickfila. With the new Chickfila coming to campus nearing the end of September, the chicken

1. Even if you're not in the mood for Chickfila you'll still go

Sometimes I might not even be in the mood to go to Chickfila (even though I am most of the time). It's one of those things where I can simply pass by a Chickfila and immediately think "I could go for a Chicken Sandwich Meal right now." The mere presence of the red lettering easily draws me in.

2. Going multiple times in the week without hesitation

I've gotten better(-ish) at trying to cut back, but the Polynesian sauce is too addicting not to. There have been occasions in which I have gone for breakfast and dinner in one day or going for lunch back to back with no regrets. I guess my body may regret it by gaining some extra pounds, but sometimes the Chickfila is worth it.

3. Just Getting Waffle Fries

The waffle fries are a Chickfila tradition. Even if I still want Chickfila and not an entire meal (even though I will always get a meal) I'm always down for just some hot waffle fries and Polynesian sauce.

4. The employees start recognizing you whenever you go

Chickfila holds a close place in my heart. So much that the employees know my order and I don't even have to say anything when I go up to the counter.

5. You've had just about everything on the menu

Even though I love sticking to my usual order, I like to venture out and try different things. I go there so frequently, it would only make sense to experience the menu as a whole.

6. Everyone just sorts of assumes that's where you want to eat

If my friends are ever with me and ask me what I want to eat I usually don't get time to respond before they comment "you want Chickfila don't you?" Sometimes I ponder on the subject as if I don't really want Chickfila. The denial is real

7. Anytime they have something "free" you're there

Free entrees? Free drinks? Anything with the word free in front of it at Chickfila rest assured I will be there. I'll be quick and in a hurry to get there.

8. Dress Like a Cow Day is your favorite day

I will look as ridiculous as I can for Chickfila. I just love it that much.

9. Waiting in line no matter how long it is

With the new Chickfila open on campus, it's going to get hectic and the line will be extremely ridiculous. But, because of my undying love for Chickfila, I will stand in the line no matter how long it may take.

10. Forgetting they aren't open on Sundays

It's the most heartbreaking thing to be in the mood for Chickfila on Sundays knowing they're closed. I will always see the sign or think about chicken minis and then I remember they aren't open. It's the worst kind of betrayal.

Cover Image Credit: Chickfila

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Darty Season (SZN) Antics

Saturdays are for the darty.

Well, everyone, the Fall Semester is over, and Spring Semester is in session! If you're from the East coast, soon all of this dreaded snow will be gone and the sun will, in fact, come out tomorrow. Spring Semester also means one more semester until summer, for some it means their last semester before graduating, and to other it means they're one semester closer to graduating! It's also means...

That's right. Darty season (SZN).

Even Uncle Chaps is excited...

So break out your SAFTB shirts, show off your best darty outfits, and make sure you drink responsibly. Here are some tips to help you check yo'self before you wreck yo'self this darty season:


I can't stress it enough, HYDRATE! I didn't know how important it was until I found myself going to bed and staying in bed at 4pm after drinking since around 10am.... My suite mates last year would have a cup filled with water or a water bottle, and another cup filled with their drink, I thought it was a pretty good idea! Pedialyte is also a good idea to have handy. It helps with hangovers, putting electrolytes back in your body, and helps you not become dehydrated (I kind of laughed a little too much that they have an "Alcohol and Dehydration" page on their website)

Honestly, how did I NOT know about this????


Unless you'd like to look like a lobster for a few weeks, I'd suggest wearing it. Reapply throughout the day, too! Nobody likes a sun burn or getting sun poisoning people.


Yeah those flats are cute, those wedges are cute, those heels are cute, but you're going to regret it big time. I advise you to wear some cute converse, some sort of other sneakers, or anything with support. You're going to be walking all around campus, standing a lot, and dancing a lot, don't kill your feet!


Load up on those carbs, guys, or at least eat a good breakfast before you start drinking all day. Eat some things throughout the day as well! You don't want to drink on an empty stomach or one that is becoming empty.

Go at your own pace

As I said before, I found myself in bed after only a few hours of dartying. You need to pace yourself. Who cares if people are pounding beers and drinking the beer bong a numerous amount of times? Don't feel pressured into drinking more, or even drinking at all if you don't! If you pace yourself during the day, you'll be set to still go out at night!


I find naps to be so important! Yes, you should pace yourself throughout the day so you can still party it up at night, but you don't want to be tired while doing it! Taking a nap at some point during the day will help you recharge and wake up feeling ready to go for more.


Yeah, you're partying in daylight, but you need to make sure you and your friends are safe at all times. Whether you know the dorm you're going to or not, make sure everyone is okay and nobody wonders off, you never know what intentions people might have. You also don't know what could happen to your friend when they're by themselves. If friends do wonder off though, keep in contact with a text or phone call.

Have fun! And be responsible!

The most important tip! Have fun! Take all of the pictures! Be crazy! But don't do anything stupid that campus police would have to get involved with. I found dartying to be the best days ever, and you definitely don't want to forget them.

Cover Image Credit: Amanda Smith

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Energizing Products To Help Meet Those New Years Resolutions

Here are my go-to products to keep up my energy and make everyday count

Let's be real here, you have to wake up early but it hasn't gotten any easier.

Coffee can be a good boost, but sometimes you want a little substance in your stomach to hold you over. Here are 5 different fueling products that will keep you energized and ready to start your day.

Cold Brew Coffee:

KonaRed Cold Brew Coffee – Uniquely crafted with coffee fruit that boasts twice the amount of caffeine as coffee beans, this cold brew is available in glass bottles and cans so everyone can enjoy its deliciously smooth taste anywhere, anytime! Free of dairy, gluten, GMOs, and soy, these Certified Kosher coffees come in flavors including Original, Hawaiian Vanilla, Espresso, Caramel, and Mocha.

Coffee Snacks:

bare Organic Coffee Bean Coconut Chips – Crafted from naturally sweet and fragrant organic coconuts that are sliced thin and baked to crunchy perfection, these coconut chips are lightly seasoned with coffee bean to deliver a snack that’s both satisfying and nourishing.

Coffee from Home:

Espressotoria – A sleek and modern countertop espresso machine that allows folks to make café-quality coffee at home with the push of a button. The Espressotoria system is high-quality at an accessible price of $99. Whether you favor espressos, Americanos, cortados, lattes or cappuccinos; coffee from Espressotoria has an incredible, freshly-ground, packed taste that you have to try to believe yourself.

Pure LYFT:

Whether you are late, tired, jet-lagged, or simply on-the-go and in need of an energy boost, pureLYFT is the perfect solution.You don’t need to sacrifice your health and time to find a caffeinated beverage. Now, you can energize any drink on the go in an instant with any of four flavors Orange, Lemon-Lime, Mixed-Berry and Original.

Caffeinated Energy Bar:

This is a bar that actually tastes good. Made with REAL FOOD & Nothing Else. No Sugar Added. Certified NON-GMO, VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, PALEO, DAIRY-FREE. Keep yourself energized with the hazelnut coffee maca bar.

Cover Image Credit: Thunderbird Real Food Bar

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