5 Ways To Increase Your Room Vibes
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5 Ways To Increase Your Room Vibes

For those days you won't want to leave it.

5 Ways To Increase Your Room Vibes

We all love a fresh start. New opportunities to start over again grant us the luxury of gathering ourselves and retaining the drive to head towards things with greater force and momentum. However, motivation is not enough. Whether you realize it or not, your environment highly effects your mood and productivity. And, as millennials, we pretty much know: the higher your room vibes = the more likely you'll be able to get things done. With that being said, let's start the year off right! Here are 5 ways to increase those room vibes:

1. Clean that space up!

And not to just be responsible. Have you heard of Apple stores' layout? Their clean, organized and the optimal environment is one of the reasons why they continue being the top retailer of smart devices. An environment that allows you to do what you do in the most accessible, comfortable, and open way is what you need for this new year. So, clean it up!

2. Candles or Incense

What's your favorite scent? Ok. Now go to Walmart or Target, or wherever you please and buy a scented candle for yo'self. It's the right thing to do for your room vibes.

3. Posters/ Decorations

What's better than having an awesome poster or quote on your wall? My favorite place to get wall quotes is Marshall's, but you can find them anywhere. Touch it up to your style, and you'll be much more excited to be in your room, every day.

4. A Convenient Bluetooth Device

A Bluetooth is one of the key things you can have to increase your room vibes. Whether it's for listening to music to get pumped for an at-home workout or to get focused for homework.

5. Dream Board

There's no better exercise than to wake up in the morning and being reminded of your dreams. A Dream Board is a compilation of pictures of all the things you hope to achieve, long term or short term.

And there you have it! With these five easy steps, you'll room vibes will be so high, you won't wanna come down 😉

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