Caucasian parents have a tendency to express love for their children very outwardly and generously. From public Facebook posts gushing about how much they love their children to taking their children to Disneyland for their birthday, it's almost impossible to miss the affection between family members. Asian families, however, are just the opposite. You'll almost never hear the words "I love you" in an Asian household, and parents will definitely not post about their children on Facebook unless it's about some major accomplishment or a family trip. This doesn't at all imply that Asian parents don't love their kids - they just have a different way of showing it. Here are some subtle ways that Asian parents indirectly convey their love for their children:

1. They cut up fruit for you

Whether it's after dinner or during a late night homework session, Asian parents will deliver a plate of sliced fruit in front of you and insist that you eat. This small gesture goes a long way, as food is one of the most important communication methods in an Asian household. When you move out, you'll find yourself missing those plates of oranges and pears all nicely cut right when you needed them the most.

2. They get angry (a LOT) over your grades

Although it can be discouraging and depressing, at the end of the day, Asian parents just want you to succeed. They push you hard because that was how they were brought up to success, and this is the method they believe will work the best in raising you to be the best you can be.

3. They call you countless times without warning to ask for your location

Sounds a bit overprotective, but they just want to make sure you're safe. They would never say that they're worried about you, so they resort to random calls of "where are you right now" to know that you're doing just fine and dandy in college or when you're out.

4. They get angry when you get sick

Sometimes you'll wonder why they would yell at you and lecture for hours about how you should have worn that extra jacket like they told you to when you were already feeling miserable and sick. This is usually their way of showing their frustration because they want you to be healthy all the time, and they had tried their best by shoving hot water and sweaters at you even when you had thought they were unnecessary.

5. They make your favorite foods when you go back

Again, food is an integral part of an Asian household, and a large meal with your favorite vegetables and noodles mean that your parents are glad to have you back. And no, they would never say "I'm glad you're back, we've missed you" because that just isn't how they roll. Instead, they know that they can always lure you back with a good home cooked meal.

6. They pay for your education

Many Asian parents insist on paying for their children's education regardless of how much of a financial burden that may incur on their finances. Some go as far as to tell their kids to not work a part-time job and instead, completely focus on their studies. For many Asian families, education is one of the most important things in life, and these parents just want to make sure that their kids can get the best opportunities to ensure a good life in the future.

7. They give you very limited options for future careers

The stereotype that Asians are always studying to become doctors, engineers, and lawyers are partially true. Many parents will discourage their children from pursuing their true passions in other fields because they know for sure that these few fields they have chosen will ensure a stable job and a safe path for the future. They want their kids to be able to live a comfortable life, and these are the fields that will be able to guarantee that.

A big shoutout to all the Asian parents!