3 Guaranteed Ways To Make Sure Your Alarm Wakes You Up

Especially in college, waking up for those 8 am's is seemingly impossible. I picked up a bad habit of oversleeping and not even noticing at the beginning of this year. A couple of alarms on my phone is not enough power to get me out of bed; therefore, these are some ways to help you get yourself up in the morning.

1. Have an actual alarm clock... It's retro?

I know the whole reason people use their phones is so they don't have to have an alarm clock. I have found that having the two different sounds with the two different volumes helps me get up. I also set them at different times so that way if I do snooze one, the other one is not snoozed.

2. Sleep with your blinds open if you can.

If you live on the first floor or in a dangerous area, I wouldn't recommend but if you do live on a higher level I would suggest leaving the blinds open. When the sun rises in the morning, its a slow natural way to wake yourself up. The brightness is going to be enough for you to notice while you are asleep.

3. Put your phone in one place, and your alarm clock in another.

I have my alarm clock on the left side of my bed and my phone on the right so in the mornings when I try and turn them off it is harder. Getting me up and moving motivates me to just get up because I am already up.

I know some of these ideas seem a little extra, but they really do work and can help you start your day off better and on time. These ideas also won't allow you to snooze all of them in your sleep like I usually do. Each and every day is important and we all have places to be and people to see!

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