Bob's Burgers may not be able to fix the chemicals in my brain, but it's fixed everything else in my life.

1. It just makes me happy.

SEROTONIN! WHOO! Bob's Burgers has the kind of humor that just makes your soul smile.

2. It's *totally* relatable.

Between each character and their unique personalities, it isn't hard to relate to any of them! Which one are you?

3. Its adult humor, but in a subtle way.

I know people from 12-45+ of age who watch Bob's Burgers and love it all the same. The jokes work on all kinds of levels, ranging from kiddo to adult.

4. There's a character obsessed with boys, specifically boys' butts.

Who doesn't love a good boy booty?

5. Wine is mentioned in almost every episode.

Who doesn't love a good wino? Wine has had a positive impact on my life, and I'm glad there's a show that demonstrates my appreciation for it.

6. They love and include *everyone*.

They're inclusive of all races, genders, sexes, and everything in between... and in the very best way, a respectful way.

7. They're totally a feminist forward family.

Repeat this manta at least three times a day in a mirror to unlock Tina Belcher Level Confidence.

8. They're accurate about life problems. #relatable

Who hasn't felt this way before??

9. They appreciate the value of family.

This show follows the ins and outs of the Belcher family, with all of the highs and lows in between. And trust me, there's a lot of twists and turns along the way.

10. They ask the *important* questions.

It's a valid question; what's your opinion on whether or not they get songs stuck in their heads? But seriously, who hasn't had those random questions run through their mind at least once a day?

Bob's Burgers is a show that I can just relax and enjoy. While there is an actual storyline in the show from beginning to end, you can jump into any episode and enjoy it, plus you can get some closure at the end of each episode with all of the day's ups and downs resolving in one way or the other.

It literally relieves my anxiety and stress when I get to just sit back and watch my show as I get transported to Wonder Wharf with my fave TV family, the Belchers.