I know I'm kind of a little late to touch on this, but I have been debating on whether or not to write on this subject since I usually don't like discussing my opinions on topics that could possibly hurt another party's thoughts on it. I think every person has their own right and as long as you aren't attacking me or my family, I'm OK with you. I'm a pretty open person and I usually don't have strong opinions but I was scrolling through my Facebook and saw a trending topic "'THE O'REILLY FACTOR' GETS RACIST IN CHINATOWN - THE DAILY SHOW"
Of course, my curiosity perked. I clicked on the article and read it and then immediately proceeded to watch the video.

Here is the original O'Reilly Factor video:

Here is "The Daily Show" response video:

I was originally going to start this next sentence as "Now, as an Asian American..." however, I don't think my race has to be highlighted in this. In any culture, the person of that culture can make fun of their own culture but they cannot make fun of another person's culture. I think that is just an unspoken line of respect that we all follow without really thinking about it. Of course, it still depends on the person and how well you know them but let's not get into the complications.

Many people of all races were enraged from Fox New's attempt of comedy. I think the main thing that was the last straw for everyone was the fact that Walter essentially made fun of immigrated elders who obviously didn't speak English. I don't care what ethnicity you are, but it's simply rude and disrespectful to attack elders. They worked hard just to simply arrive in America and worked even harder to provide for their offsprings. To attack elders with this petty attempt at comedy is absolutely sickening.

I actually saw the Daily Show's response before I saw the original Fox News' video. I know, individually, I am not very up-to-date with politics but I don't think anyone needed to really go this far to show "China's" point of view of American politics. America is a melting pot and the whole video veered off topic from the original goal: ask Asian Americans about their thoughts on the current politics. There was no need to ridicule the Asian woman massaging your foot. That was her way to provide income to support her family and take care of her elders. There was no need to "interview" the elder grandma and even more so to add the clip of "speak"-ing afterward. There was no reason of any of this.

News shouldn't be shrouded in so much bias. It's the news! In a perfect world, news stations would just regurgitate the events that occurred but of course, as humans, we like to see patterns and group things together.

Now, to touch on my ethnicity. Disclaimer: I do not mean to discriminate or stereotype any single ethnicity as I know each person is their own individual person and differ in personality. But there is one thing I want to get out there. Asian Americans aren't sitting quietly anymore. We aren't naive or mute. We will speak up about events or topics that attack us. I know we may seem like really passive people but we will speak up. Like many other (blank)-Americans, we are too American to be our "ancestral" ethnicity but we are too "ancestral" ethnicity to be American. Yes, we each have our own individual problems but none of us are sitting idly. We are working hard to ensure that we are able to pursue our dreams and passions in order to ensure that our parents' and grandparents', etc, hard work doesn't go to waste.