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Majority of us know Wattpad from our early teen days. It was known as the fanfiction website where you could read all sorts of amazing smuts and romances along with lots of other genres. However, Wattpad has grown into something way more bigger than we ever imagined. Inspiring authors who post on Wattpad are getting noticed by publishing houses, landing movies deals, are having their books made into interactive games with apps like Episode and Chapters: Interactive Stories. You get the point. Wattpad is offering ways to expand your writing career. But how do you get noticed by Wattpad? How do you use it to gain the platform you deserve?

I'm going to jump right into the many ways you can use Wattpad to gain publicity and grow your fanbase, thus beginning your career as a writer.

As writers, not many of us feel confident about sharing our writing with everyone. It's not easy to say, "Here, read my book," then expect people to read it. Wattpad gives you resource for anyone to find your writing. When you publish your first book on Wattpad, make sure you have a niche. If you're a horror, romance, fanfiction writer, let us know!


Your bio should include these important things:

Who you are.

What you write about.

A few things you've accomplished.

Some interesting facts about you.

What your stories are about/genre.

When people look at your Wattpad page, remember that you're one in a million users on the website-so what makes you stand out? Adding your likings can make people interested in you before they read your work. Maybe you have something in common with a Wattpad user which makes them automatically want to follow you sometimes. Bios are very important. Try to stand out.

Book Covers/Profile Pictures/Background Image

It's true. People judge books by their covers. Not everyone can make the perfect cover but here are a few tips that can help you. If you want to make your own cover, try or Use HQ free images from websites like Unplash, Pixaby, and Pexels to upload your cover photo then add some text to it. Luckily, if you don't know how to use photoshop, Canva and Picmonkey are a piece of cake. If you want to have your book cover made, there are many readers who make book covers. Simply type in, "Book Cover Designs," in the search bar on Wattpad and see who has an opening for covers. If you want to spend 5$, try to have your book cover design made by professionals. If you want to learn more about using book covers please check out: The Writer's Guide to Wattpad (Link at bottom of Page)

Your Books/Stories

When you publish a book on Wattpad, there's a strong possibility someone is going to read it. The website is full of people thirsty for new and interesting content. But how do you stand out? Some new writers struggle with publishing in general and they're not too fond about posting on the internet. Once you realize that there's no perfect writer and put that piece of writing out there, it becomes easier. That's the first step. Showing the Wattpad world you feel confident enough to share your story.

The next thing is when you're writing your description and blurb, you realize that there are many blurbs that are going to sound alike. Readers want to know what makes your story different and unique. A lot of users want to either self publish or traditionally publish, but sometimes we don't consider that we have to create the new. "Wow!" Consider writing something you're really passionate about. Consider what's trending, such as diversity or female power. Consider writing memoirs, poems, and stuff you think your readers or audience can relate to.

After you have your books on Wattpad, network! Network on Wattpad. Comment on stories, connect with the Wattpad community on Facebook and Instagram and their clubs. Big and small Wattpad writers are usually active on social media, keeping up with what's going on in the writing world, so it's possible for you to be notice by some of the bigger authors or publishers. When you're a dedicated passionate writer who is connecting with the community, it's pretty hard to get noticed. Being a part of their talks, conversations, even attending Wattcon can be such a huge help and boost on your career.

The Writer's Guide to Wattpad:

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