10 Thoughts You Have After Watching 'One Tree Hill'
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10 Thoughts You Have After Watching 'One Tree Hill'

There is in fact only One Tree Hill.

10 Thoughts You Have After Watching 'One Tree Hill'
The CW

As a dedicated "One Tree Hill" fan I find myself constantly thinking about what it would be like to be Brooke Davis or meet Jamie Scott. After watching 9 seasons on Netflix and experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions along with the characters, I figure I am not the only one who this show has had this effect on. If you have also invested several of your weekends into OTH marathons I am almost sure the following thoughts have crossed your mind as well.

1. "Where do I find a Nathan Scott?"

Although for a couple of seasons Nathan Scott had his moments of imperfection we must all admit that at least once we wished that we were Haley James Scott. After growing up with a father like Dan Scott, Nathan made it his mission to be the best father and husband he could be. We found that although Nathan found his niche within basketball at a young age he was pretty much a pro in almost every aspect of his adult life.

When his basketball career ended tragically he proceeded to work with his best friend Clay to become an agent. After having been subjected to his dysfunctional parents and put through many tragedies from almost losing his wife to being kidnapped, it was clear that Nathan Scott had been through A LOT. Starting the show as the competitive and arrogant brother of humble Lucas Scott, Nathan's character development throughout the show is probably the most iconic out of all of the characters.

2. "Why can't I live in Tree Hill?"

Well, unfortunately, you will not be able to experience Tree Hill the way that the characters did. However, the show was filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina and many of the film locations are part of a tour of "Tree Hill." This includes, the 6th Street Bridge (as seen during the credits), Karen's Cafe/Clothes Over Bros and Tree Hill Record Shop (Peyton's go-to place for music and where she first met Chris Keller).

It also includes the table where Haley and Nathan study and Nathan gives Haley the prize from the Cracker Jack box and tells Haley, "don't say I never gave you anything" one of the most famous lines of the show and the start of an iconic relationship. Lastly it includes various characters' homes such as Lucas, Peyton, Brooke and Haley and of course the River Court (as seen in above picture).

3. "Why did it take so long for Brooke to get her happy ending ?!"

During the high school years of "One Tree Hill," Brooke Davis was the mean girl, and many of us probably wished her character would tone it down in a couple of situations. But, we all have to admit that she went through a lot, from the love triangle with Lucas and Peyton to her mother who was EVIL up until her adult years. Her company Clothes Over Bros was threatened by a burglar and her mother and assistant Milly's behavior.

She even had to get over her best friend since childhood leaving Tree Hill after marrying Lucas who we all know had a special place in Brooke's heart. It broke all of our hearts when we all found out that she couldn't have children. When she had found the love of her life Julian Baker and was excited to finally start a family and it was all taken from her suddenly.

But then, after having been the hero in all of her friends' lives for years she got her miracle and got pregnant even though she was told by multiple doctors that it would never happen. I loved Brooke and Julian's relationship just as much as Nathan and Haley's although I always secretly hoped she ended up with Mouth. Like Nathan's character Brooke Davis was a completely different person by Season 9. A character we all sympathized with and wanted the best for while also wanting to be her!

4. "Why didn't we get to know Quinn earlier in the show?"

From the moment Quinn entered the show viewers were relieved to meet a new character to love after Lucas and Peyton's departure. Quinn was there for Haley when they needed each other the most after the death of their mother. We met Haley's other sibling Taylor James after it was revealed that she had been with Nathan when he was just a freshman in high school and we definitely were not a fan of hers.

It was nice to meet a sister of Haley's that was just as kind and generous as she was. We also begin to love Quinn's relationship with Clay and were devastated when Sara's (Clay's late wife) look-alike came along with her deadly plan. It would have been interesting to see more of Quinn's previous marriage with David and the start of her photography career.

5. "Why weren't Lucas and Peyton in the last episode?"

The majority of "One Tree Hill" focused on the life of Lucas Scott; basketball player, son of Dan Scott (oddly enough), brother of Nathan Scott, and lover of Peyton Sawyer-Scott. It was shocking and frustrating when the two did not appear in the final episode while majority of the shows' original characters did.

Lucas' character only had trouble in his life when it came to girls; until he met Peyton Sawyer. Well, there was the whole Brooke vs. Peyton feud, but you all get my point. Once Lucas told Peyton that when all of his dreams came true the one he wanted by his hide was her it was as if we all knew that they would end up married and with a child together.

Lucas did appear in the last season of the show coming to see his best friend Haley when his brother/her husband went missing. After watching the couple grow up together and seeing Lucas "always saving" Peyton it was unusual for us to not get closure in regards to how their family was by the time Season 9 came around.

The show's audience all hoped that we would at least get a glimpse into the lives of the perfect love story that is Leyton after they left Tree Hill before the end of the show. To everyone's surprise the show ended focusing on the characters that it did for the last two seasons; Brooke Davis, Julian Baker, Haley James-Scott, Nathan Scott, Clay Evans, and Quinn James.

7. "Why did Dan Scott live forever?"

Now, don't get me wrong of course he did grow on me nearing the end of his life when he developed a relationship with Jamie. But seriously how can anyone overlook the fact that he killed Keith Scott, his own brother?! Personally, I believe his efforts to redeem himself and make it back into the family did not make up for any of his villainous behavior throughout the show.

Dan Scott was the source of many of the fights between brothers Lucas and Nathan. Some may argue that he did, in fact, die saving his son and work his hardest in the end to become a better person but it really was the least he could do after killing Nathan's uncle and making his adolescence a living hell. It was upsetting when Dan got the happy ending that Keith never did, surrounded by loved ones and seeing a vision of his brother welcoming him to join him above.

8. "Who is my favorite Scott brother?"

To be fair, it is definitely hard to choose a favorite. But for me, my favorite Scott brother has always been Nathan. Despite being able to relate to Lucas in the way the way that he enjoys writing and is a hopeless romantic, I have always found Nathan Scott to be the more relatable character. Lucas was sometimes portrayed to be perfect even during his weakest times.

The difference with Nathan was that during hard times the writers chose for his character to become argumentative and sometimes short-tempered like his father Dan. It seemed that when things went wrong in Tree Hill it became even more clear that Nathan was Dan Scott's son.

When Nathan got into a bar fight that jeopardized his basketball career he became bitter and anxious and pushed his loved ones away. When Lucas began to act out and manipulate Brooke the audience was persuaded to sympathize with him as he made a plethora of bad choices.

However, I am not arguing that Lucas was a bad person I believe that the word that best describes him would be "misunderstood". His unconditional love for his mother and his Uncle Keith was an amazing part of the show. The show left little room for Lucas to grow as a character and made his story not as interesting.

For viewers, it was clear that Peyton and Lucas were going to end up together and in the end their relationship began to lack depth. On the contrary, with Nathan I found it particularly enjoyable to watch him grow as an individual with the help of his wife Haley and his children Jamie and Lydia. Comment who your favorite Scott brother is and why under the article.

9. "What am I going to do without my favorite characters?"

After finishing the show I found myself thinking, "wow, the story is really over" after 9 seasons of trauma, love, and death. If it was not for the relatable characters on the show and the incredible acting on the cast's part, the show would not have been what it was and still is. Throughout the show Brooke Davis had a special place in my heart as you can tell after reading number 4 on this list.

I admired her strength and confidence and adored the way Sophia Bush portrayed the character. There was no other character that could have competed for top spot for me, at least up until Jamie Scott was born. Both Jamie and Brooke have had one-liners that bring the comedy to the dramatic world of Tree Hill. Jamie Scott says that "some people look a little different and some people are a little different and (he) thinks that's cool."

Then during the Peyton, Brooke, and Lucas love triangle Brooke brings Peyton a to-go box because she is "screwing her leftovers." With Brooke as Jamie's godmother, he began to be the baby that Brooke had always wanted before she met Julian and had the twins. Brooke saved Jamie putting his life before hers when Ms. Lauren's car went into the river during a storm. I was always excited to see what happened next with the two characters and their storylines and will always miss Brooke and Jamie just a little bit more than the others.

10. "How many Tree Hills are there?"

I bet you all know exactly I am going with this last one. Well, I have to say it, there is in fact only "One Tree Hill." The show has had a huge impact on is audience from when it aired to now as a Netflix series. For those of you who frown upon the show solely because it is a show based on the lives of high school students, all I can say is give it a chance. The show takes the term "high school show" and brings it to an unimaginable level. It explores various situations and creates a storyline that almost everyone can relate to.

The viewers had the opportunity to grow with the characters on the show as there were life lessons within every episode. For me, watching the show made me more appreciative of the place I grew up and I found a Tree Hill within my own hometown.

From Chris Keller to Antwon "Skills" Taylor and Marvin "Mouth" McFadden each character played an irreplaceable part in telling the story of Tree Hill. Although along the way the characters may have grown and were eager to leave what is the small town of Tree Hill, eventually they all found their way back.

The show inspires me as I watch the characters reach their full potential career-wise and become the best people that they could possibly be. So, I would like to send out a thank you to the cast and crew of "One Tree Hill." This article only expresses a fraction of my appreciation for your phenomenal work.

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