Why Watching Beatles' Love Is Good For The Soul
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Why Watching Beatles' Love Is Good For The Soul

All everyone needs is love.

Why Watching Beatles' Love Is Good For The Soul

For those whom may have heard of this show or have no knowledge, the “Beatles’ Love” show is a Cirque de Soleil production held at the “Mirage” hotel with a joint production with Apple Corp Ltd. owned by the one and only “The Beatles.” The first show opened in 2006 and it’s been one of the most popular shows in the Strip to this day.

Basically it’s a theatrical performance of the Beatles’ songs throughout its career whether it presents interpretations of certain songs or evokes a historical and political background of the band’s musical journey while living in the ‘60s. The show is a representative compendium of their songs that narrates the band’s history from being apart of the generation post-WWII to rising to stardom, all the way to their psychedelic experimentation, and finally to the band’s break up.

It seems like a random time to write about a Las Vegas show that has been in production since 2006, literally the year I moved to this city. However after 10 years of refusing to pose as a tourist in my own city, I finally sucked up all my pride and watched this show.

It. Was. So. GROOVY.

Can I just start with the production? The set design, the wide and original use of props, the lighting, the sound effects, the psychedelic effects that reflected The Beatles’ generation so accurately all encompassed a show, nay, an experience I will hold dear. The way the show was able to use the iconic bright colors of the ‘60s illustrates the nostalgia. The vibrant, hippy colors also fumigate the band’s infamous musical shift from a famous ‘60s boy band to an even more famous ‘60s rock band intertwined with its elixir of music and drugs. I also want to applaud the show not only for the variety of dance performances but also for the diverse cast. Way to show the love of all colors!

Speaking of the band’s history, I have never witnessed an outlet to storytelling more unique and prominently flamboyant as well as a theatrical circus-like show. One of the factors that stood out to me most was the show’s ability to provide historical background of the ‘60s that impacted the band’s music in a creative, nostalgic space.

I grew up listening to “The Beatles,” and frankly a lot of their music nurtured me through some tough times. Like every teenager with their own inner demons and insecurities, I went to dark places at times. However, “The Beatles” music seem to ease my pain one song at a time, and I’m pretty sure many fans hold similar sentiments. Whether it was cut-throat poetry, a political statement or whimsical tales of a yellow submarine, each lyric healed me bit by bit.

These songs taught me to love myself. To fall in love and to fall out of it are both acceptable. To laugh. To cry openly. To have fun. To search for yesterday. To be hopeful of the future. To ask for help. To travel the long and windy road. To mourn. To celebrate life. To be open-minded. To spread love and hope. To be simply good.

Physically viewing an enriching live show where these songs showcase those healing powers of “The Beatles” was astonishing, reassuring, and reminders that they are home for me. “Beatles’ Love” somehow reopens your relationship with the music with performances that replicate the same poetic, humorous, upbeat, and thought-provoking aura the band’s music provides.

If you are a Beatles fan or if you are wondering what’s so interesting about this historical explosion of ‘60s rock music, I plead that you take the chance to watch this show especially when you are seeking an eye-opening human experience.

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