The Bold Type is THE Show to Watch During Women's History Month.
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The Bold Type is THE Show to Watch During Women's History Month.

Inject this show into my veins.

The Bold Type is THE Show to Watch During Women's History Month.

We're almost halfway through the third month of 2020, and it really seems like we, the human race, just need a win. A lot has happened, and not much of it was memorably good. I'm here to shine a light on a glimmer of hope in the current chaotic climate of our world- one of my all-time favorite shows, The Bold Type.

Airing Thursdays at 9/8 central on Freeform (so you can catch the most recent episode tomorrow), this show ain't your mama's average hour of tv. Following the lives of 3 twenty-somethings working at a fictional magazine for women in New York City, The Bold Type is just the show you need to celebrate all things girl power during this month.

I've been watching this show from the start (and they're now on season 4), and I've been hooked from then too. The opening scene really set the stage for just what viewers are in store for while watching. Our 3 heroines, Jane, Kat, & Sutton stand together in gorgeous ball gowns in front of subway tracks and when the loud subway car finally rumbles by, they all expel their energy through yelling out their frustrations. Just like every episode that follows, the initial scene draws you in, before freezing the screen mid-action and flashing the title on the screen, proclaiming our 3 protagonists are complex & strong characters that epitomize the name of the show.

The characters, featured throughout each hour of tv, break the molds of the stereotypes placed before them and represent human beings from all walks of life. Just our 3 main characters alone, come from 3 drastically different households & family dynamics all across the U.S. which make for great contrast in the plot & episodes. These women tackle their issues in different ways while still banding together, showing the audience that female characters & women in general are multi-dimensional and can take more than one path in life. They aren't perfect characters; we see them make lots of reckless mistakes, but then we get the chance to learn along with them.

This may seem like a superficial thing to focus on, but the aesthetic of the show is just nailed perfectly which can definitely make or break a show. A huge part of that is the outfits and styles of the characters which are to die for. A big kudos to the stylists of the show; the clothes of each character are always captivating and fun. They highlight the personalities of each person and help to further develop the identities of the characters better. As a clothing-crazed gal, I really appreciate it.

Now for the heavy stuff. While still managing to be laugh-out-loud funny with sharp wit & lots of heart, The Bold Type deals with and expertly delivers important topics that are rarely seen elsewhere on television. Season 1 features episodes dealing with sex, relationships, women's rights, sexual orientation, Xenophobia, and sexual assault survivors to name a few. Race, healthcare, guns, and more are issues grappled with in season 2. Last season delivered episodes about politics, racial profiling, abusive bosses, & moving more into the digital age. So far through 7 episodes of season 4, we've gotten sexual identity, gender roles, and women's health, and yet there is still so much more that is shown. The overall theme throughout it all is capturing the realistic lives of these women and how they get through all their problems and struggles, empowering anyone who watches them.

As someone who has wanted to be some type of writer for most of her life, The Bold Type made my blurry dreams seem much more like a distinct reality. Watching a writer, social media director, and fashion assistant at Scarlet Magazine flounder & flourish in so many ways has been really inspiring for me, not just as a young woman but as a young adult getting ready to enter the world. This show feels like a warm embrace every time I watch it, and I just wish it was more well-known, because there's not much to not like about it. The Bold Type is the perfect example of a show evolving as the world changes around it and trying to depict as many different types of people as possible. This show inspires every person, not just girls, to be the best version of yourself and to be BOLD.

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