Since the new year has begun, it is officially safe to say that Oscar season is upon us. If you are anything like me, you are using the next month or so to get a head start on seeing movies before official nominations come out. While you may be tempted to watch the contenders in the comfort of your own home, consider otherwise for the following reasons.

1. Support local theatre/art

One main reason to spend $8 on a movie ticket is to support the film industry. Sure, this multi-billion dollar Hollywood industry probably won't hurt if only a few of us illegally stream movies online, but that is still counterproductive. Box office sales for blockbuster movies sort of set the scene as far as sales go for independent movies. The less independent movies are supported, the less they'll be produced for our viewing pleasure. Therefore, it is crucial that we support local theatre who play these movies to keep them in business and expand our movie-going options.

2. Watching a movie on the big screen is always better

Your small laptop screen will never be able to replicate the feeling of being inside a movie theatre. After all, movies are crafted with the intent to be shown on a large screen. With the lights dimmed, larger than life screen, surround sound, and the smell of popcorn, nothing can compare to the experience of sitting inside a cinema. When you pay for a movie ticket, you're paying for a whole experience.

3. It just isn't right

Although many people in Hollywood who work on blockbuster movies seem to be out of touch with a lot of our realities, this is their jobs that they deserve to be paid for. If everybody stopped going to the movies completely and started illegally downloading these flicks instead, the film industry could become extinct. Do what's right and sludge on a night out at the movies.