How To Watch Grey's Anatomy Without Crying

How To Watch Grey's Anatomy Without Crying

Is this even possible?

Grey’s Anatomy is a tear-jerking television show. It has been streaming now for 13 seasons and has made millions of viewers bawl their eyes out at some point or another. I end up crying at least four times a season, but usually more.

If you are one of those people who are not a fan of crying over a made-up TV show, here are five steps that will help you get through Grey’s Anatomy without shedding a tear.

***WARNING: Spoilers ahead if you haven't watched the entire series!!

Step 1: Don’t think of the Characters as Real People

When watching a TV show that you become so connected with, it can be hard not think of the characters as real people. You get so attached to their personalities and have had the chance to watch them evolve as a person throughout the series. You feel the pain alongside them as they go through a major struggle, and you celebrate with them as they accomplish something huge. You want them to achieve great things in their “life” and you just ultimately wish them the best.

When you do all of these things, you experience so many different emotions. So when something terrible happens to a favorite character who you are connected with, you will cry. No doubt about it.

For me, Izzie was one of my favorite characters. So when she was diagnosed with cancer, I bawled. When she went into cardiac arrest after signing a DNR, I bawled. When she left Alex, I bawled. When she left the show completely after bringing back her former teacher to the hospital, I bawled. I even stopped watching the show for a long time after that happened because I was so upset. I had become so connected with Izzie that whatever situation she went through, I felt every emotion along with her. And that was my biggest mistake.

When watching Grey’s Anatomy, the biggest thing to keep in your head is this: IT IS JUST A SHOW. THESE ARE JUST CHARACTERS. THIS IS NOT REAL.

Step 2: If you Have to Pick a Character, Only Pick One

I know, I know. When watching Grey’s Anatomy, it’s really hard to not get close to the characters. So, if you must, you should only pick one character to fall in love with. If you pick more than one, then you have to deal with double the struggles, which pretty much means double the tears. So, when you pick only one character, then you just have to attempt not to cry when something bad happens to them.

Like I said before, I was a huge Izzie fan. So, when she left, I got the chance to pick a new character that I loved. That person ended up being Lexie. She had such a heart of gold and she pretty much just told it how it was. Then, when she died, I pretty much died, but I got a third chance to pick a new favorite character. It took me a little bit to find my person so, during this break, I chose Meredith because, I mean, who doesn’t love her?! But finally, I ended up picking Jo. Now, I know this whole thing with her and Alex that is playing out right now on the show is just a complete and utter mess, but I still love her. She is kind of like Lexie in the sense that she just seems so real and she tells it how it is. She had such a hard time growing up, and I can’t help but feel bad for her, which makes me love her even more.

So, in order to save at least some tears, try to only connect with ONE character. And think of it this way, there is a big chance that they might die or leave (because almost everyone does…sigh...) so then you can pick a new favorite character!

Step 3: Get Mad, Not Sad

Trying to contain the tears when watching a show like Grey’s Anatomy can be really hard at times. But, instead of getting sad over something, get mad. Especially, get mad at Shonda Rhimes. Shonda Rhimes is the main writer and producer of the show and is pretty much the person who comes up with all of the storylines we see in the show. She is the person who makes the bad things happen.

So, don’t get sad about what is happening, get mad at Shonda Rhimes for letting it happen. For example, when you see George lying on the operating table in the last episode of season 5 with the flat line noise going off in the background, don't curl up in a ball and sob, instead, get furious at Shonda for letting George die. GEORGE WAS LIKE A LITTLE BROTHER AND WAS NOT SUPPOSE TO DIE!! When you see Christina standing in her apartment in her wedding dress waiting for Burke to show up at any moment in season 3, don’t cry because you really wanted Christina and Burke to be happy, get angry at Shonda because THEY DESERVED HAPPINESS, ESPECIALLY AFTER EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED WITH BURKE’S HAND!! When you see Callie laying on the hood of the car after being in a car accident with Arizona, don’t get scared because you think her and her baby might die, get mad because CALLIE IS A GOOD PERSON AND DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE HURT IN ANY WAY!!

Anyways, there are a lot of episodes where tears may come. But, instead of crying, get mad, because 99% of the time, the character DID NOT DESERVE IT.

Step 4: Stay Away from Season 6: Episodes 23 & 24

Everyone who has ever watched Grey’s Anatomy has at some point or another been a fan of MerDer. However, in these two episodes, the couple is challenged to power through one of the biggest battles that has ever hit Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital (or at the time, Seattle Grace Hospital). In this episode, Gary Clark comes in to reek havoc on the hospital in order to get back at the people who were responsible for killing his wife. His three main targets were Dr. Richard Webber, Resident Lexie Grey, and Dr. Derek Shepherd. Towards the end of episode 23, Meredith witnesses Mr. Clark shoot Derek right the chest. Somehow, in episode 24, Christina is able to fix Derek; however, in the middle of the episode, Mr. Clark finds her and commands her to stop. He puts the gun to her head and threatens to shoot her as well if she doesn’t stop fixing him and his heart. Jackson then thinks on his feet and tears the heart monitor pads off Derek, which makes him look like he’s dead. Meredith also sees the monitor go flat, and has a mental breakdown because she believes that Derek has died. Once Mr. Clark leaves the room, the monitors are put back on Derek’s chest, and the surgery is finished. In the middle of all the craziness, Meredith also has a miscarriage of her unborn child that Derek, unfortunately, has not found out about yet. In episodes that follow the shooting, Meredith must cope with all of the effects from the shooting, as well as gaining enough courage to tell Derek about the pregnancy and miscarriage.

During this episode, Cristina and Owen must also fight their own battle with Owen being shot, and plus they are just trying to keep their relationship going. Lexie, Mark, and Alex also go through this huge thing with Alex being shot and just their whole three-way love triangle mess is crazy as well.

So, if you want to avoid tears at all costs, try your best to avoid these two episodes. Every single character goes through some huge struggle, whether it’s internally or externally, and it is just a cry-fest. These two episodes are pretty much emotionally damaging.

Step 5: Just Stay Away

After reading the last four steps, and you’re still thinking to yourself that you are going to hysterically bawl, all I can say is that you probably just shouldn’t watch the show. This show is built on the fact that its fans are going to cry. I think that’s one of the big reasons why it’s on season 13. People can’t help but cry when watching. It touches your heart and makes you feel emotions that you never even thought possible.

If you must watch it and don’t want to cry, try watching it with friends. Being surrounded by friends will hopefully make you a little bit tougher because you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of them. But then you are going to go home and cry, so it’s pretty much a lose-lose situation.

So, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Grey’s Anatomy is going to make you cry at some point. Even if you are not the type of person to cry, you will tear up. It’s going to happen. Just accept it, and continue to watch the greatness that is Grey’s Anatomy.

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The 7 Best Food Places Near UCLA You Need to Try ASAP

We have great dining food AND restaurants around us? Wow, we are #blessed.


Westwood is the home to UCLA and offers plenty of interesting and diverse dining options for students and locals alike. Since the area is firmly Bruin territory, you will find lots of on-the-go, affordable eats along with a mix of more modern and upscale restaurants.

Though I definitely haven't had all the food Westwood occurs, being here two years now (omg already!?), I think I can safely recommend certain places to eat.

1. Shamshiri Grill

South Westwood Boulevard is often referred to as Little Tehran, so most of that area is just Persian restaurants. Shamshiri Grill just makes the best meat and whenever I go there, I always order my meal with their special hot sauce, that is to DIE for. A must try.

2. Gushi

I can not tell you how many times I've been to this place. Located near Fat Sal's, you may be tempted to just miss it but let me tell you that is a mistake. I always get their Gushi Bowl which is just heavenly and the right amount to make me feel satisfied without being too filling. Be generous with the Teriyaki and Sriracha sauces on your meat and you are guaranteed to have a good time.

3. Pinches Tacos

I know Mexican food is very common wherever you go but Pinches Tacos is aesthetically pleasing and their food? Even more so. It just tastes so good! I definitely recommend the Asada fries and any tacos.

4. Saffron and Rose

Saffron and Rose is a Persian ice cream parlor like 10 minutes away from Shamshiri Grill and the quality and variety of ice cream is truly impressive. I would not have known my weakness for Jasmine ice cream if I hadn't tried this place and as always, the Saffron and Rose (it's namesake) deserves to be the name of the restaurant because of how rich in flavor it is.

5. Maharaja

I am very particular about my Indian food but the buffets in the afternoons at Maharaja definitely passes my checklist. I actually went there for my birthday so that just tells you how the food doesn't disappoint.

6. Nekter Juice Bar

I found out about this place very recently and I'm so glad I did because their bowls are so good. They also serve smoothies which I haven't had the pleasure to taste yet but I expect the same kind of quality. I am very partial to the Bruin Bowl and the Dragonfruit Bowl.

7. BJs

They have $3 Pizookies on Tuesday.

I am always there on Tuesday.

Are these two facts connected? Maybe.

What can I say? I just love the restaurants here.

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