5 Reasons You Should Start Watching 'Bojack Horseman,' ASAP

5 Reasons You Should Start Watching 'Bojack Horseman,' ASAP

It has all the things you could ever want in a show.


OK, I'm gonna come out and say it; I've never really been a fan of the whole adult cartoon genre because I think it's a bit weird and pointless.

Also, usually to me, they're not SUPER funny. Like the humor usually isn't my humor and I'm not often intrigued by it. Maybe it's conditioning but I usually imagine animation as being for children, not for adults. So, I've always thought it was weird that they had cartoon characters but made them say curse words and called it "adult humor."

However, I gave 'Bojack Horseman' a shot. I'm not even entirely sure why but I did, and I don't regret it at all!

1. Relatable Characters


"Bojack Horseman" is a weird mix of human and animal characters. However, the animal characters still have all the same human situations and emotions, just sometimes mixed with animal characteristics.

So, that still makes me relate to them and their predicaments. Also, their emotions are so vivid and well conveyed and it's really something beautiful.

2. The Message

Obviously, the show is supposed to be funny, and it is. But I also think the writers of 'Bojack Horseman' do their best to incorporate important messages into the show, as well. They have a lot to say about human connection and emotions and how we treat others, all of which is extremely important.

They also do some pretty smart yet sly social commentary in the show, usually through the mouths of Bojack or Diane. And, as I would hope that you know, I really appreciate social justice, so having social commentary in a show that is supposed to be funny is a blessing.

3. It's Not A Huge Time Commitment

This show is only about 30 minutes per episode, which to me, is a lot easier to digest than hour-long episodes. And the seasons are generally pretty long, longer than eight episodes, so you have a lot to watch but it won't take up as much of your time. Especially if you end up hating it, at least you didn't waste your whole day.

4. It's On Netflix!

Literally, everyone has or has access to Netflix. So, saying you can't find it or it wasn't accessible to you, isn't an option! Also, what a perfect way to avoid doing homework, conversations, human interaction, all those sorts of things.

5. Again... It's funny!

I sometimes like to watch shows that are sad or heartwarming or dark. They're still good quality shows! But sometimes, I need something funny that won't make me cry to take my mind off of other shows, particularly "American Horror Story" and "Queer Eye." Because too much crying or dark is not good for anyone and I don't like feeling off balance.

Maybe you still aren't convinced! And to that I say, I don't really know how to help you! I'm kidding, but it really is a great show.

Bojack Horseman is a controversial character but he really does make you look inward and figure out how not to get yourself into the situations he gets himself into. Also, how not to treat people, the way he can treat others. It's a show that teaches you so much about the human condition whilst also making you laugh.

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The Best And Worst Moments Of 'The Bachelor': Season 23

Chris Harrison was right when he said this was the most dramatic season yet.


This season of "The Bachelor" definitely went down in history as one of the best. In the beginning, I wasn't sure how I'd feel about Colton being the Bachelor because, just like the rest of America, I had mixed feelings about him. After his breakup with Becca on "The Bachelorette," and an on-and-off relationship with Tia, Colton found his way back to the Bachelor mansion once again, but this time as the leading man.

There were ups and downs, just like every season, but after the finale, I realized that Colton was one of the best Bachelors of the entire franchise. He was right up there with Bachelor number 22, Ben Higgins. He spoke from his heart and it was easy to tell just how hard he fell for some of these women.

Chris Harrison was right when he said this was going to be the most dramatic season yet. Here are the best and worst moments of the entire season. I'm already missing Colton's shower scenes.

1. Worst: The Constant Virginity Jokes

Demi Virgin joke Gif

ABC was seriously milking this.

2. Best: Any time Colton was in the shower.

Colton Shower Gif

Hottest Bachelor ever? The answer is yes.

3. Worst: The Sloth Girl

Sloth Girl Gif

This was so painful to watch.

4. Best: Colton sending home Onyeka and Nicole together.

Colton Reject Gif

Their drama was petty AF and Colton was not having it. Respect.

5. Worst: Demi getting the boot.

demi funny gif

So sad to see my girl put herself out there and get shot down.

6. Best: Demi's personality

demi treasure

Everything that came out of her mouth was hilarious. Can't wait to see her thrive in paradise.

7. Worst: "Roll Tide"

Hannah B Roll Tide

Hannah B's one-on-one date was so cringing. Her season as the Bachelorette is going to be very interesting.

8. Best: Caelynn talking about her past.

Caelynn and Colton

This brave girl shared her story about sexual assault, and it was a moment so much bigger than the show.

9. Worst: None of Colton's hot friends making guest appearances.

Blake, Jason, Colton

I'm talking about Blake and Jason. What a crew.

10. Best: Heather finally getting her first kiss.

Heather Bachelor

When they changed her "Never Been Kissed" title to "Has Been Kissed." Good one, ABC.

11. Worst: Hannah Beast

Hannah Beast

I am really hoping Hannah Beast stays in her cage for "The Bachelorette."

12. Best: Getting a new "Bachelor" recap guy, Daniel Miramontes.

Demi Daniel Facetime

This hilarious guy was made Twitter famous by Bachelor Nation because of his hilarious recaps of the show. He even got to Facetime Demi and was invited to the "Women Tell All." Check him out! @dmiramontes_

13. Worst: Chris Harrison's screen time was NON-EXISTENT.

Chris Harrison

The past few seasons of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" have been lacking the best host in the world and I am super salty about it.

14. Best: Seeing Colton scream like a girl when skydiving with Tayshia.

Colton Skydive Gif

Too damn funny.

15. Worst: When Cassie broke up with Colton.

Colton Cassie gif

Watching Colton shake from hearing that Cassie was choosing to leave was painful to watch. I am still in shock that he told her he wants to pick her when there were still two other women there.


Bachelor Fence Jump

Waited all season for this and it was totally worth it.

17. Worst: When Colton broke up with Hannah G.

Hannah G gif

My heart seriously broke for her, especially seeing how sad she still was at "After the Final Rose."

18. Best: Seeing Colton fight for love.

Colton love Gif

He broke Bachelor rules and made history by going after Cassie. I'm happy the two ended up together in the end.

19. Worst: Not seeing Colton on my TV screen every Monday night.

Colton wave gif

I can't get that smile out of my head.

Another season down, and it was one for the books. Colton, I miss you and your handsomeness already.

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Check Out Which Of Your Fav Shows Return In March

Some of the best shows out there are back with new seasons this month.


With so many shows out there, it's hard to keep track of which ones are coming back with new episodes! Have no fear -- I'm rounding up the best shows that have new seasons hitting a screen near you in the next month.

Without further ado, get ready to dive into more episodes of these amazing shows:

1. Mar 15th: "Queer Eye"

"Queer Eye" is BACK with Season 3 on March 15th on Netflix.

2. Mar 15: "Catastrophe"

The fourth and final season of this incredible series hits Amazon Prime Video on March 15th.

3. Mar 15: "Arrested Development"

The Bluth Family returns with a new season that will be streaming on Netflix.

4. Mar 17: "Billions"

Everyone's favorite financial drama is back with a new season on March 17th on Showtime.

5. Mar 22: "The OA"

"The OA" is back with a new season on Netflix on March 22nd.

6. Mar 27: "Jane the Virgin"

This underrated network series is back with season 5 on March 27th.

7. Mar 29: "Santa Clarita Diet"

The extremely unique and hilarious zom-com series is back for Season 3 on Netflix on March 29th!

8. Mar 29: "On My Block"

This extremely well done coming-of-age series is back on Netflix on March 29th as well.

9. Mar 31: "Veep"

The vulgar and hilarious "Veep" starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus returns for its final season on HBO on March 31st.

10. Mar 31: "Barry"

Critic darling "Barry" is back with its phenomenal cast on March 31st on HBO.


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