16 Things That Would Happen If Kayne Was President
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16 Things That Would Happen If Kayne Was President

Washington D.C., I Hear Kanye and Kim Calling!

16 Things That Would Happen If Kayne Was President

At the end of the VMAs, confusion struck Americans all over the country as they watched hip-hop sensation Kanye West announce his plans to run for president in the 2020 elections. Audience members were left stunned and slightly terrified as they struggled to decipher whether his behavior was honest, a publicity stunt, or just another example of his erratic award show behavior.

After ironically being called onto the stage by Taylor Swift, West began his 12-minute acceptance speech by admitting to smoking 'something' before the show to help calm his nerves. For the first half of his time on stage, West referred back to his unresolved issues on how the 2007 Grammys were handled, claiming that he isn’t done arguing with country singers. But things took a real turn when he started instructing audience members on how to teach younger generations about self-esteem and confidence, and then used this rant as an introduction to the announcement that he will be running for president. As most people stood out off pure shock, he was warmly embraced by his wife Kim Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner. Now, in my opinion, I don’t think we will be seeing West on the ballot come 2020, but if we do, I think we will be looking at an outrageous campaign.

So here are a list of changes to expect in the rare case that West does make it past the primary elections.

1. The State of Union speech will be insane.

2. Presidential attire will be reduced to a fitted t-shirt with sweatpants and Yeezy's.

3. Jay-Z will serve as vice president.

4. Mercy will be the national anthem.

5. "Kim and Kanye take Washington D.C." would be E!'s next hit reality show.

6. Currency would be converted to the Yeezy Dolla Bill.

7. Before every political debate, Kanye would begin his speech by saying, “Imma let you finish, but...” even if he was the one who started speaking first.

8. His white house staff would be only be referred to by their nicknames of “Gold Digger” and “Jesus.”

9. The Kardashian family would take control of redecorating the White House, which would turn into a three-year project.

10. If Kayne had to dress up for a public appearance, he would only be seen wearing a velvet suit.

11. Anytime Kanye or VP Jay-Z would enter a building, “Clique” would start playing.

12. Scholarships would only be granted for hard-working students. In Kanye's own words, “Ain't no tuition for havin' no ambition.”

13. His budget for campaign swag would beat all of the other opponents' budgets.

14. Kim K would take down portraits of past first ladies to put up half-naked portraits of herself and her sisters.

15. Kourtney and Khloé would throw mixers every weekend with all eligible cabinet members so that they could find their next possible husband (or long-term boyfriend, in Kourtney's case.)

16. We would all be living under Illuminati rules and regulations.

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