Walking in the Rain

Walking in the Rain

I love you

It’s raining

Not hard

Just enough

To slowly soak you

Your hair is dripping

Rain drops slide

Down your face

Rolling down your cheeks

Falling off

Of your lashes

Which are pushed against

Your glasses

Your eyes

Are closed

A smirk plays

On your lips

You just look

So soft

I can’t help

But stare at you

We walk hand

In hand

My sleeve wet

Yours wetter

As usual you look




I enjoy seeing

You like this


At peace

I love you

I’m not afraid

To say it

Not anymore

I realize

I love you

Now more

Than ever

Because seeing you

Like this

Makes it all

Worth it

Cover Image Credit: Pinterest

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Being Around Someone You Truly Enamor But Can't Do Anything About Can Be Just As Dangerous As Being An Alcoholic

Things You Mean To Tell The One You Love But Keep Hidden

You are my favorite wine.

I am your alcoholic.

You pour your life onto me

and I drink it until my vision is blurry.

I get buzzed off your smile.

Laughter ensues and I can’t tell

where I am but I’m glad that you’re here.

I’ll have another glass.

I get drunk off your personality.

My confidence rises up and I open

my hidden thoughts to you.

But I continue to drink.

I start to pass out on your memories.

Forgetting who I am I just want to be with you

I’ve lost my composure; I need to tell you.

One last cup.

I vomit out all my thoughts for you.

You understand me like no one else does.

I can’t tell you enough how elated I get just to hear from you.

Your voice reminds me that angels do exist.

God is real, the only evidence I need is seeing you.

I see something so real between us that I start to believe that I’m fake without you.

My mind tells me to chase after you even when I know you’re in the passenger seat of someone else’s car.

I’m too blind to my positivity that I can’t get myself to agree we’ll never be together.

I wished you upon a star and you came but you left just as quick as that star passed.

Opening up to you and telling you my hopes and dreams seems like the only thing I know how to do nowadays.

I wish you were mine.

I wake up, alone.

I see an empty bottle.

Without a trace of you,

I decide to stay sober.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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5 Signs You're An Extra AF Girlfriend

Own it, ladies.

know I'm that "extra" girlfriend. You know, that girlfriend that is always doing the most and is always doting on their S.O? Yeah, that's me. I own it. But is it you? Don't get me wrong, there is NOTHING wrong with being extra, but here's how you can figure out if you are if you don't already know. If you do know: Welcome by fellow sisters. Make yourselves at home (with a "Future Apartment" Pinterest board).

1. Every little thing your S.O. does is cause for celebration.

They could get an A on an exam and you'd be their cheerleader. They could have JUST gotten over a cold and you're sitting there, hugging on them like "Yay. you're not sick anymore!" Honey, they could breathe too loudly and your heart will flutter.

2. Your password may or may not have something to do with your S.O

There's no shame in it. It's either that or your dog's name but someone won the "Who's cuter" argument. it was a tough choice.

3. You randomly do cute little surprises twice a month or weekly, there's no in between.

Your friends will tell you, "Why are you so extra?" I hear it all the time. Sometimes it's annoying but most of the time I take pride in it and you should as well because there's no shame in feeling an emotion that strong that you want to celebrate it and remind your partner how much they mean to you.

4. Without noticing, the number one topic most likely to come up in conversation will be how awesome your S.O. is.

Do I talk about my S.O. too much? Maybe, I don't know. Probably but do I care? Not really.

5. You have a Pinterest wedding board floating around, just in case.

Ok, in my defense I may have had this for years...I just update it frequently. But you won't ever let your S.O. see it, just in case it scares them, but on the bright side, if y'all get married, it'll be a breeze because you've had it planned for months.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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