Walking in the Rain

Walking in the Rain

I love you

It’s raining

Not hard

Just enough

To slowly soak you

Your hair is dripping

Rain drops slide

Down your face

Rolling down your cheeks

Falling off

Of your lashes

Which are pushed against

Your glasses

Your eyes

Are closed

A smirk plays

On your lips

You just look

So soft

I can’t help

But stare at you

We walk hand

In hand

My sleeve wet

Yours wetter

As usual you look




I enjoy seeing

You like this


At peace

I love you

I’m not afraid

To say it

Not anymore

I realize

I love you

Now more

Than ever

Because seeing you

Like this

Makes it all

Worth it

Cover Image Credit: Pinterest

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Overprotective Girlfriends NEED To Stop

We need to stop fueling the idea that women are crazy.

"You don't own him." This is a phrase I heard again and again but only now have really come to terms as to what it means. In high school, it seems often times that our boyfriends and girlfriends are used as a sense of currency.

They are an item that we have full possession of and sometimes even use as a ladder in social status. Dating the popular guy means that you might have your social status raised, be invited to more parties, your followers will triple on Instagram.

All in all, I think the wild possessiveness women often exhibit over their boyfriends and partners is something that feeds into the sexist narrative that women are crazy. The thing above calling women crazy is that it's a lot easier to debunk it when there isn't fuel constantly being thrust into the fire.

Girls, if we want to defeat the sexist narrative that women are psychotic there's a lot of work to be done here.

Number one rule, people aren't possessions.

You don't own your boyfriend and him talking to other people of the opposite sex shouldn't come as any sort of threat to you unless you're not confident in your relationship. Unless you have a valid reason that he might cheat on you, such as cheating occurring in the past.

We need to push past the "crazy ex-girlfriend" phrase or in this case the "crazy current girlfriend." We need to realize that we as creatures are social and you don't ever own possession of another individual.

The fact that physically speaking with another person is seen as some sort of act of infidelity or treachery is ridiculous to me.

Trust is an absolute necessity in a relationship and if you are constantly worried about every single person that your boyfriend is conversing with, then you don't have it in your relationship. It's time to push past the stereotype of the crazy that we are constantly hovering over our phones, foaming at the mouth being driven to literal insanity wondering if he is talking to anyone else.

Dignity and trust it something I truly do think a vast majority of people in this generation are significantly lacking in. Confidence is beautiful and lacking it both in yourself and in your relationship is a tragedy.

Your erratic behavior in regards to your boyfriend and whom he conversing with really works as a mirror of your own securities, confident people aren't afraid that they aren't good enough to be loved by their partners.

You're good enough and jumping down the throat of every girl that speaks to your man proves that you think differently about yourself than you should.

You're good enough and he knows that. You should too.

Cover Image Credit: Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

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The Top 10 Types Of Crazy Girlfriends Everyone Has Encountered AT LEAST Once

Did your girlfriend make the list?

Girlfriends come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and personalities. Some of those personalities can be defined as "Crazy", however crazy can mean different things.

There are different types of these "crazy girlfriends" and I've made a list of these different types of girlfriends. As well, I have also given the level of crazy it is. Which one are you or your girlfriend?

1. The Crazy Supportive Girlfriend

This type of girlfriend is the one who ditches school to go watch you at your track meet, even though it's the one she has to drive two hours for. This girlfriend is the one who takes a personal day off work and risks losing her job just to see you get an award. She also supports you in all your decisions and in everything you did or ever will do.

Level of crazy: Good

2. The Lowkey Crazy Girlfriend

This girlfriend is the type that thinks about doing crazy things but then doesn't listen to the voice... at first. She'll fight back in forth about it, sometimes she'll give in, sometimes she won't, you never know! She likes to keep everything exciting! But you can for sure bet she'll do the crazy thing if its something she knows she can get away, especially if it's lowkey!

Level of crazy: Depends on the situation

3. The Crazy Manipulative Girlfriend

This is the girl that acts so innocent and pretends not to know anything but is actually steering the conversation a certain way. She knows how to get the information she wants, use it against you, and play it off like she knew nothing. Be careful of this one, you typically don't see her coming until it's too late.

Level of crazy: Bad

4. The Crazy Liar Girlfriend

This girlfriend could be thought of as Kelly Kapoor (The Office) You try and break up with her she'll hit you with the "I'm pregnant". While dating, the things that come out of her mouth may not always be true... or make sense.

Level of crazy: Bad

5. The Crazy Stalker Girlfriend

You told her you are going out with the guys and where you will be and who will be there. Guess what? There's a GOOD chance she's checking every snapchat story of everyone with you, and I mean studying every inch of that photo! Along with this, she's probably checking your snapchat location every two seconds as well. On the plus side, if you aren't home by 1 A.M. like you told her you would be, she'll find your location in a minimum of 10 minutes(and that's on a bad day).

Level of crazy: Good if you get kidnapped, all other times - Bad

6. The Crazy in Bed Girlfriend

Enough said.

Level of crazy: You decide

7. The Social Media Crazy Girlfriend

Every fight, anniversary, photo, cute moment, and the break-up - all on social media. If it's Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, it's on some form of social media. Basically, if you're dating her, you are dating all of her followers.

Level of crazy: Bad

8. The Crazy in Love Girlfriend

This girl is in the relationship for the right reasons, she loves you! ... or she is very infatuated with you. She's not afraid to do over the top things for you and she's not afraid to let her love for you show, even if it's too much.

Level of crazy: Good... in moderation

9. The Right Kind of Crazy Girlfriend

This one comes down to you. Let's face it, everyone is a little crazy, but this is the girl that is that perfect level of crazy for you. The one that everything is perfect about her, even her flaws. She's Mrs. Right.

Level of crazy: Perfect

10. The Crazy Needy Girlfriend

She's needy about everything. From needing to say goodbye for a half hour to holding her hand in public, she can't live without her boyfriend and needs to learn some independence. She may not be crazy, but she made the list because she will make you crazy!

Level of crazy: Bad

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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