5 Reasons Why Waiting To Join A Sorority Is A Smart Move
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5 Reasons Why Waiting To Join A Sorority Is A Smart Move

The lure to rush right out of high school is strong, but take time to first think things through.

5 Reasons Why Waiting To Join A Sorority Is A Smart Move
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It is pretty common to find first-semester freshmen rushing sororities. However, there are plenty of girls who wait until their second semester and beyond to join. In my own case, I waited until my second semester of sophomore year to rush my sorority, Delta Nu Zeta, and I could not be happier with my decision. I credit a solid chunk of that happiness to the fact I waited until I was really ready and prepared to be a part of sorority life to join. Here are five reasons why waiting like I did to commit to a sorority might just be the best move you make for yourself.

1: You Will Grow. A Lot.


College is marked by massive personal growth. The you that walks into freshman year, week one will be a much different person than you a few months or so into college. It is a part of the transition into becoming an adult with adult responsibilities. You never know what your future post-transition may hold. I entered college thinking I never could fit the bill of a sorority girl and that it simply was not what I wanted. Later on, after exploring, gaining confidence in my new adult self, and defining my goals for myself, I realized it was the right move for me.

Check out all of your options in your first semester. Evaluate who you are, who you wish to become, and what your goals are for your social, academic, and professional life. See if you can handle sorority life emotionally and mentally alongside everything else going on in your new college world. If after those few months, sorority life suddenly or still continues to call to you, go for it.

2: You Will See If It Is Financially Feasible


Unexpected financial burdens are a given in college. Whether your car breaks down out of nowhere or you decide to take on a Master's program after graduation, the bills can pile up. Fast. Sororities are serious financial commitments, and as an incoming freshman, you may not realize just where the money you put in to join one will leave you down the road. Knowing even halfway through your collegiate career where your finances and future plans stand can help you see if joining one will not be a decision that puts you in the red.

3: Rush Will Be Easier To Navigate


No matter where you end up, college campuses are tough to navigate at first. Until you gain your bearings, you can be pretty turned around by even the simplest of directions. Not knowing where the places you have to go for rush can make the whole process really stressful and confusing—something it should not be. Waiting even a semester to rush can eliminate a lot of that stress and confusion. It might also give you an extra boost of confidence going in, which can do wonders for you.

4: You Have Time To Adjust To College Workloads


There is definitely a learning curve to college. Even the strongest of academic minds have to adjust to the new load of work expected of them and how to manage it all without the daily watchful eyes of teachers and parents. Rushing and joining a sorority takes up a lot of time and effort. If you are not already in a good routine academically, this can pose some harm to your academics from the start. Taking a semester or two to make the necessary adjustments and get into those good academic habits can help the transition into sorority life not put a big dent into your transcripts and, again, be a less stressful experience.

5: You Might See Some Familiar Faces


I found my sorority through a friend of mine I shared multiple classes with. Once I got to know my sisters, it turned out that I had mutual friends with even more people there. A lot of times, those pre-established connections facilitated conversations and getting to know girls for me. If you rush after already being on campus for a few months, you may find yourself joining a group of friends instead of strangers. If you have any anxieties about meeting so many people, raising the chances of having a few people you know around may make the processes less daunting, too.

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