Why We Are Waiting To Announce Our Engagement
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Waiting To Announce Our Engagement Was The Perfect Decision For Us

With social media being such a prevalence in our lives, we decided to live in this moment and excitement just for us.

Waiting To Announce Our Engagement Was The Perfect Decision For Us

Spoiler alert! We're engaged!

And though there was a moment of excitement to instantly change our status on Facebook or post to Instagram, we instead chose to give ourselves at minimum a week to just live in the moment and just focus on us.

There's one thing about proposals most don't tell you about or a majority of people probably don't experience when it goes down you black out. I am glad there were phones around to video the moment because even though I have watched these a couple times I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that it happened.

And so in the time that we took for ourselves we got excited about the idea of what we want to do for the wedding and honeymoon. Stressed about finances, and then watched Say Yes to the Dress. And then panicked about finances again because of the show.

Also in this time, we used for ourselves it gave us time to wrap our minds around the fact that we are actually getting married! Honestly, I'm still working on that!

In this time we got used to referring to each other as fiance and not just boyfriend/girlfriend. Funny story I actually was forced to get used to calling him my finance very quickly as an unexpected trip to the ER made me sign papers stating that my relation to him is fiance. All is fine and that just adds to the fun of the memory.

We did what we thought was right for us. And it wasn't' easy. We didn't request family members to not mention it in social posts and we didn't request friends to snapchat the moment. It was an amazing moment that I wish everyone could experience. The moment was one that I will hold dear in my heart. Even the ER visit. But as for ourselves, we kept social media to a minimum during the beginning of our engagement.

And when we did tell people it felt more personal. We got the question, "Did you post about the engagement and I just didn't see it?" And we would respond with the simple, "No we wanted to just be in this moment together." And people understood. There were no hard feelings what so ever.

For us or at least for myself, as soon as I posted something on social media then that would be the time I would have to dive head first into wedding pressures and planning. Because that's the kind of person I am. I've just never planned this massive event before and it's a lot!

But there really isn't a better time to celebrate publically. And be excited about this new adventure with the man I truly adore and lean on in every moment of stress and insecurities. And with all the pins I have saved on Pinterest since I was in Highschool, there are a lot of decisions to make. But I say BRING IT ON!

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